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SOJ > My Other Ring for PVP?

For dueling only, is my SOJ still better then my other ring? My other ring gives me more EHP and not to mention dex for dodge. Also just as a note I already have 50 disc.

6% Cold Damage
30% Damage Against Elites
10 Max Discipline
4 Hatred Reduced for Cluster Arrow

165 Dex
70 AR
31% Crit Damage
4.5 Crit Chance
223 Regen Life Per Second
6% Reduce Damage From Elites

What if I were to use my other ring and another DML with 10 max disc? Dodge chance pretty much is the same, only 0.3 more. My life per second is now at 1,000 vs. 790. My life went down from 99k to 93k. DPS gain is 16k over my SOJ but I believe that the SOJ is not factored on paper. So the SOJ 30% extra is actually about 29k dps increase over my other ring. I am at 150k unbuffed but I will use sharpshooter.
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It probably depends on the opponent. The SOJ is probably better for opponents you can spike. The extra discipline would help to Smoke Screen, vault in, and then blast away with Cluster.

Whereas your rare ring would probably be better for longer drawn out battles such as against a high EHP barb where you'd probably want the extra damage reduction against Rend as well as the extra life regen.
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If you use non-elemental attacks (HA), the cold damage from SoJ will slow targets.

As for damage vs. defense, that's really up to you to test out once pvp is actually in.
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SOJ, but keep the litany if you find yourself in a lot of close situations. I would always start with the SOJ though.

EDIT: I should say it also depends on the type of dueling you are doing. 1v1's I would always start with the SOJ. Free for alls it's more of a toss up. I'd probably still start with the SOJ personally.
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