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Imagine a Bucket...

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02/07/2013 07:54 PMPosted by DoomBringer
Maybe if the water was more pure, people would be more willing to drink it.

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how about they stop the legendaries
make it only in holiday seasons
or a few weeks after a new patch
Wont happen, it would throw off the in-game economy (more than it already is(cmoooon ban wave)) and would make players that already had oranges far too elite. This would have been a good idea if the game was launched like that

how about we cannot post legendaries on the AH
or anything at level60 or higher for an item cannot be posted in the AH
1)to stop the rage bliz would have the make the legendary gear less legendary
2) theres already such a difference in numbers of gear under level 60 and 60+ theres no need

02/07/2013 08:15 PMPosted by sonoranranch
or if the item is not sold in auction make it bind to account for 30 days
So youve just got done farming some good gear and coincidentally bliz had released some new super popular item and its on fire in the AH and none of it sells OR you priced it too high (oops). You are now stuck with 20+items for a month that you dont need and could usually easily sell that you can do nothing with but throw away. No...

As for the rest of the thread, this is all based on the idea that the AH is a bad thing because it takes away from the experience of the game, maybe thats true but not everybody is like that. I wont lie, i really do enjoy working the AH and flipping an item or finding a good deal on something i want. That feeling to me is as good as farming for hours (even days) to get what i want.
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The bucket (AH) is not important.

The game is

Blizzard: The game is not important. The bucket (AH) is
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I have never used the AH (either of them)....all of my gear on all of my characters has been found by me. I might not have the best gear, but why buy gear in a game where the main objective is to find gear. Takes all the pleasure and acomplishment out of the game.

So to put it in the OPs terms - the bucket needs to go. I have liked the idea of the "bucket".
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Nevermind the bucket - the water quality is the real problem. It is highly contaminated with filth, germs and water-born disease thus it needs a purifier.
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02/07/2013 11:31 PMPosted by JPG
I have never used the AH (either of them)....all of my gear on all of my characters has been found by me. I might not have the best gear, but why buy gear in a game where the main objective is to find gear. Takes all the pleasure and acomplishment out of the game.

You remind me of my self back in 1.02 patch, so happy to gear up by self found gear, until the frustation at certain point when I meet molten chain arcane vortex lacuni slasher, and giving up to use the AH. Luckily there's MP now and 1.07 on the horizon.
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Need a gold sink? Easy:

All aucttion listings lasts 7days.
All auctions listed cost a 5-10% fee which is lost if canceled or auction expires.(Eg: putting up a legendary for 200m costs you 20m in fees)
Remove the 15% AH cut

This would stop crap postings and overpriced items on AH, slow down flippers and AH snipe bots. Also it should be a bigger gold sink than the current 15% AH cut.
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Remove the ability to put billions on an item up for sale. People put absurdly large prices on items and they sit there forever till they expire, either because people cant afford them or the item is too crappy.

It's best to sell a lot of items for a small amounts than wait days or weeks for that 1 big score.

Or as the first post refered to...

Imagine a bucket... If the water coming in is decently priced, people will buy more of it. If enough of it happens the water coming in and out will be similar and the bucket never goes stagnant or overflowing.
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Simple way to drain the bucket

Don't allow auctions to be canceled and if the item doesn't sell it is automatically vendored

good idea. Since you have 1 chance to sell the item, prices would not be outrageous, because of fear that item might not sell, but players will resort to manual trading then, which may not be bad thing.

My idea: make auction house non-global . Make many more auction house instances that are local to each server. That would reduce number of items in circulation per 1 ah, allowing drops to increase. You could only sell/buy items on your local ah that is now much smaller than EU AH for example. Increase number of ah instances to accommodate to growing number of items.
BoP, BoA techniques can be used more aggressively to create item sinks.
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You're not accounting for how much water is leaving the bucket and never coming back. Items lose value over time if they're not best in slot, people stop trying to sell them. They can only stay on the AH for a day and a half, if after 3-4 attempts it still doesn't sell, who in their right mind keeps posting it?
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02/07/2013 07:48 PMPosted by Drothvader
So given our dilemma, how would you stop the bucket from overflowing?

Item sink. Something that makes GOOD items go away, or get account bound.

An item sink is pointless if all it does is drain out bad items (like crafting).
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Improve the darn crafting system so that people can actually make some fun and interesting items while they level. That's the first thing I would do in the VERY LEAST. Grey and white items are able to be crafted into better items. Some random drops on the ground that are white or grey become legendary quests that allow you to improve the weapon or gear over time.

Second, improve the items that drop in the game. Main stat rolls, secondary stat rolls, class affix rolls that promote build diversity on TONS of rare items. Magic can still have the random RNG crud.

Third, set a daily/weekly limit on number of legendary/set items that a person can sell on the RMAH.

Fourth, give incentives out to players to farm bosses again. Each boss drops unique BOA or temporarily tradeable drops if in a group. Azmodan might drop a massive Hammer, The Butcher a HUGE cleaver, Maghda a fricking sexy wand, and so on and so forth.

Conclusion, these are rough ideas I have that could make the game much more interesting and replayable.

EDIT: Give players GREAT reasons to not use the AH and enjoy playing the game without it. Give incentives if you have to in order to promote the behavior you want to see.
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Your analogy is flawed on so many levels.

(We're going to call this [bucket] our Auction House)

02/07/2013 07:48 PMPosted by Drothvader
Not quite because you can account for some evaporation (Players quit the game)

Contradiction. Players quitting the game will reduce the flow to the bucket, evaporation would be other players buying items from the AH on a greater scale than selling them.

2) We expand the bucket. (Add more players)
- This can only be done by making the game better.

No, the bucket is the AH, not the playerbase, and as if that solution is going to work with the current Blizzivison...

02/07/2013 07:48 PMPosted by Drothvader
So given our dilemma, how would you stop the bucket from overflowing?

Lose the bucket, let people find and have their own water. And if anyone wants to bring another bucket into the mix, tell them to take a hike.
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Apply heat to the bucket and evaporate the water it holds faster than the rate it is filling up.

To do this, implement item re-rolls that require mats and / or gems (imagine u could re-roll legendaries). Though to some this might seem like a bad idea, it will result in an overall item sink because every drop would be valuable after they are salvaged.

The re-roll costs shouldnt be cheap tho, and account bound mats like the demonic essense should be included as a cost to prevent AH tycoons from buying mats wholesale and re-rolling every mempo in the AH. Something around 30 exquisite essenses, 10 tears, 10 demonic essense and a gold fee should do.

This value adds to every moment spent ingame as u get more chances of acquring a better item after the re-roll.

My 2 cents.
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I think that Blizzard should finish/fix the game, in order to a) add more players, and b) win back some of those players who have left D3. Specifically, Blizzard should:
  • Add an Off-line Solo Play Mode: Better for solo PvE, and the reduced server load will also benefit muliplayers.
  • Re-add any features that were cut to accommodate the Online-Always DRM, or to economize on the server-side resources that Online-Always makes necessary.
  • Raise the level cap, to 75 or 80 at least, both by adding new skills & runes, and by properly balancing/fixing existing ones. Level 99 and new classes can wait for an xpac, but character leveling should last through Inferno, not stop just when you get to the toughest part of the game; NV and Paragon can be rewards for finishing Inferno, not reaching it.
  • Fix itemization, drop rates, and crafting. It should be possible to finish/farm MP0 Inferno using only what you can find and craft in the game, and it currently (mostly) isn't -- the AH should be a convenience, and currently feels like a neccesity. Marquise gems are not enough.
  • Finish PvP, which has been long-promised, and only partially delivered.
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    Simple really, add item degradation.
    Loose one max durability on your items per death. Once 0 is hit, your item is destroyed.
    To shield your most precious item, add a big insurance fee(serves as a gold sink, and forces the player to make a choice as to what item he deems most valuable). This is for one item only.

    - Players themselves are responsible for dying, so they can easily work around the item degradation.
    Of course you can be unlucky and get a disconnect, but an item has 20-40durability, that is a lot of disconnects.
    - This in turn serves as a item sink and gold sink, it should be a breath of fresh air.
    - No durability loss suddenly becomes a valuable stat.
    - Will also hinder botters, bots die all the time. So a lot of people wont bother doing it any more, because equipping a bot every day is just not worth the extra work.

    **This post does not have anything to do with the useless itemization, that is a different chapter.**
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    This dilemma have been solved long time ago, it wont overflow. 1 picture worth 1000 words.


    so the 2nd picture worth another 1000 words ?

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    I would much rather drive my 1987 trans am up to where you are filling your bucket up and get out of the car with a cigarette in mouth and a bottle of jack in my hand. I find you filling your bucket and kick it out of your hand and walk off laughing saying "lol noob. Your crying over water".
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