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DC error, no blizz post yet, that I've seen.

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Okay well while looking at google on this "The game connection has been lost: your client has been disconnected from the server" tons of posts have come up but I haven't found a blizzard official post yet, is there going to be a solution for this.

It seems there is no repeatability for this issue, I have tried ALL different graphics settings, thought outside of the box and also tried different sound settings, with all configurations. I STILL get this error. This error is making the game UNPLAYABLE. . It happens randomly, sometimes never during my entire gameplay some days, however; sometimes it happens every 10 seconds (thank god I was in a game with my friend so I didn't lose my valor) but sometimes it happens every few hours, minutes, 10's of minutes etc.

Recently, I've been trying to farm MP10 by myself, but I am unable to play any game singple player. I am unable to actually get a decent length into the game to get a full valor stack to actually be able to find anything.

I have been dc'd while at all levels of valor, in all acts, at all areas in the map. The most frustating part, is how I lost out on about half a dozen of items that I will never know if they were 250$ items or garbage items.

The reason I say this, is because six times I have been DC'd when killing a mob, in the distance behind me while they run into my tornado and hearing a legendary item drop, going back to get it and I get DC'd. SIX times this has happened. This is ridiculous. Why is this happening, blizzard, comment on this, acknowledge this, FIX THIS.



(Seems as though it's been happening since MAY 2012. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5051695283 )

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5271498631?page=3 <--- (found a blue post in this one! thread just dies though)


When searching "The game connection has been lost" in the forum search, just on this website alone, there are 664 results.

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Fix this please, or at least acknowledge it. This is annoying A LOT of people.
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Request sticky on this one, maybe it will get SOME attention, because this makes the game unplayable single player for any of us having the issue, and it's so incredibly annoying when it happens 3 + times a run while playing with others on multiplayer which makes you not want to play at all anyways. Good things I have other games to keep me occupied in my downtime because this game most certainly cant.
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I've literally quit because of this problem now. D3 is the only netbound software or service that disconnects me out of everything I use.

Out of 6 or 7 act three runs last night, I only got through one complete one. Total BS. The game was completely stable in mid December, but has degenerated to unplayable.
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Getting this problem too. Something I have noticed however, it only happens on my monk. My Tempest Rush monk.

You mention tornados Immolation, so I'm guessing WW barb? I never get client desyncs with the error message "The game connection has been lost: your client has been disconnected from the server" on my Witchdoctor. Not once in 34 paragon levels in fact. On my monk ~ 1 in 3 runs ends in a desync, on a GOOD day; bad days I get multiple desyncs before I can even build a 5 stack and just give up.

Anyone here having this problem who isn't running over 25% movement speed?
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I run a SNS wiz, only 24% movement speed. But always a lot going on on the screen when I play.
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Same problem, only happened all night yesterday for me and today so far. Multiplayer its not a HUGE issue cuz u can rejoin, but just did mp8 key farm on a2 got 4 stacks and then d/c me from game, then d/c me from d3 and i had to relog in

So infuriating on top of terrible AH issues and 30 second wait time in between putting items up on AH or sending to stash. I dont know why they are having so many issues with their servers

EDIT: Just realized this is happening with my diablo 2 as well...

Never happened b4 the last 2 days but i was on d3 sitting in lobby, and doing a trade on d2, The second I get a connection interupted on d2, i get a lost server error on d3...
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This happened to me before I had high movement speed, I had no bonus movement speed and I was still getting this same error. It also happened before I was doing the WW build, before the WW build I was cleave, revenge build and I was still getting this error.

The most frustrating part for me is the legendary items that fell and I was unable to collect them in time because of getting dc'd in a single player game before reaching them, I will NEVER know what they were, could have been the infamous 250$ item that everyone's searching for. Or even six of them (unlikely) but hey, no one can know that for sure! Complete BS.

It seems as though blizzard is completely disregarding this error it's annoying..

Request sticky on this,
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Yep same issue. First the launcher froze at 66% so that i couldnt even play the game, and now that i managed to fix it i get dced 10-20mins into the game. Every other game that requires a connection works just fine, just not D3...
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I just made a game, to craft some gems, I made the game specifically to make the gems started, got three crafts into it, and then I got the error. Again when I was doing the act 1 key runs, I got dc'd randomly seconds into the run. Why are we still getting this blizzard? Why are you not even acknowleding this issue?

Sticky please.
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This REALLY needs to get fixed, I cannot play single player, what good is a game where you can't play single player, I tried reinstalling AGAIN, tried playing on a different computer, tried a different character I STILL GET DC'D what is going on? I can not play single player and this is frustrating, because I like playing by myself when I'm farming so I can play on a high MP and try to find good gear. FIX THIS, or at least ACKNOWLEDGE that this is an issue because CLEARLY it is!
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I'm getting severe rubber-banding and client disconnects while playing monk with Tempest Rush. I don't have this problem on other characters.

There's always been rubber-banding but the client disconnects are a new one for me since 1.0.7.

This issue is making it hard to enjoy the game
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Why does blizzard not ever acknowledge this issue, why do they ignore it?

Your players should be your main focus blizzard. Why do you neglect this issue with all of us who are having it.

So far while playing yesterday (sunday) I had about 30 disconnections in about 3 hours of playing, this is where I said screw this I'm done with this game today, I haven't played since, I've logged on to check the AH but since the BOA items came out all my good items have been deemed worthless.

While having this error it has come with SEVERAL othe errors followed by it, I have been locked at the character selection screen with all buttons geye'd out till I relog. (error 10003 as well as error 3006) all followed by the disconnection.
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They don't acknowledge because most people having this issue are routing through an AT&T router backbone, and that is where the problem is.

For some reason, AT&T routers have been going for crap since around mid to late December and seem to be getting progressively worse.

This is not an issue that the user can fix, and it is not an issue Blizzard can fix. Short from whining to AT&T about it, there is nothing to be done.

This problem is also affecting WoW players, and communication about the problem over on those forums is much better.

Recently, a Blizzard tech support posted that AT&T is supposedly going to try and fix the issue within a week or so, so there is some hope.

In short, you are screwed unless AT&T fixes the issue. Welcome to online DRM. Thanks for coming out.
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Well I'm on Comcast As early as yesterday, Act III clear the first 2 levels of the Keep and bang DC. Start over again.....cleared the first 2 levels what do you know another DC. Tried a 3rd attempt exact same thing....

If it isn't lag spikes, it's this type of garbage and I'm beginning to think that they don't even care. They have been smashed so long about this this game on these forums that I feel like they have somewhat given up. I actually enjoy the game and am currently still playing/was until it became virtually unplayable due to these issues.

I actually got on the forums and complained yesterday and they deleted my post! I've been loyal to this game to the point of while everyone has stopped playing....I've been playing all along. It makes me sick that Blizzard thinks they can do whatever they want because they already have my money....

So they did maintainence today....let's see what the stability looks like this evening. My guess is it won't change and I will get on here and complain again, only to have my post deleted and locked. Nice Customer Service Blizzard....nice.
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i get a dc issue maybe similar to you guys.

problem 1: regular dc, meaning i lose my stacks so hard to clear level. frequency level random, but most cases it's very often to the point it's become very noticable and hard to solo farm.

problem 2: This is during co-op/party games. same issue as 1, but with a twist. On the first dc, i can resume to rejoin party BUT my party chat is broke. Neither me nor my party can communicate to me at all, or i to them. Also the 2nd dc makes it impossible to rejoin the party again, even when i relog or quit d3. my party members say i am still in party as it won't let me be reinvited back into it.

I get errors

10017 on the first disconnect.

and error 10003 on my attempt to rejoin on the 2nd disconnection.

I bought the collector's edition and have been a fan of the diablo series, so as such i demand that blizzard not ignore the issue, and be more transparent in dealing with this issue, or at the very least inform the fans what is happening, and how we can fix this.

Don't ignore us or the problem, because it's downright disrespectful especially to those who have supported your gaming franchise from warcraft, starcraft and diablo.
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