Diablo® III

Dueling Re-Named to Brawling

wait.....I remove my glove, smack someone upside the head and say "I challenge you to a brawl?" Doesnt feel right
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02/08/2013 11:57 AMPosted by ZergRyles
Quarter Pounder with cheese. A Royal with cheese

Check out the big brain on Brett. You're a smart mother!@#$er that's right
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02/08/2013 12:01 PMPosted by chrisko
cool. now stop bsing us and give us some updates that are actually fun.
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Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
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Dueling=balanced. Brawling=imbalanced. Setting expectations, eh?
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Great, now I can't be all like IT'S TIME...TO DU-DU-DU-DU,DUDUDUDUDUEL!
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inb4 Super Smash RMAH Brawl 3.
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how about fixing PTR's error 81?

many players can't play cos of this bs.
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sorry but the image that I have from Blizzard now is 3 fat lazy programers in a basement eating pizza
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Great job blizzard. You don't read feedback, your patches are 100% garbage. You add bind on account !@#$ to a trading based game. Your all %^-*ing retarded. "Dueling" is what players want. They don't want to go in and fight 4man free for alls because there is no skill what so ever to be had in something like that. Listen to your !@#$ing community, promise you, you would be better off. Grats on killing you game even more so.
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I dont feel this is a good idea, we have been calling it dueling for 10 years now and they are once again trying to distance themselves from D2, which as the community(oh yeah that show is finally back on the air, woot) has pointed out time and time again is not a good idea.
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HAHAHAHAHA nice one Lylirra!!!......now seriously, what's the message behind this...? Oh wait, you're serious...
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02/08/2013 01:29 PMPosted by Garthandal
Is there any player in the entire game community that will use "brawling" instead of "dueling"? If someone asks me to brawl imma puke.

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"I challenge you to a du....I mean brawl!!!" Yark
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