Diablo® III

Dueling Re-Named to Brawling

I'm going to call it PeeWee's happy fun house...
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Poor blizzard, cant seem to get anything right these days...just wonder wtf happened to them
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Brawling sounds really dumb. Sparring is better. Don't bother changing the name at all unless you plan on introducing games where actual dueling is possible.
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the "ruiners of diablo" series are hard at work once again, to change the name of dueling to brawling, after months of discussion they have yes decided that the 2 hobbits are not orcs. . . .

what an embarssment

+1 for the LoTR reference. The sad thing is, even the Ents moved very quickly and got !@#$ done when they realized there was an issue....it didnt take 9 months in the books either.
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I appreciate that y'all are at least trying to address your communication problems. I can't help but wonder which feedback you're seeing, though, 'cause it sounds like a totally different set of feedback from the rest of us. D3 does not have messaging problems. D3 has content problems. Re-naming dueling to brawling does not address folks' concerns with the content of the system.

As to the fact that you deemed this bit of a re-branding exercise to be so important as to merit a Blue post... Well, there are folks out there with pretty decent threads, about fairly serious concerns, who've been begging for some Blue attention for weeks, and who will likely see this as something of a slap in the face.

Exactly this!

We don't CARE what it's called,but we'd sure like some of the multitude of suggestions made over the last 9 months to be addressed! Do you really not see what the players (the people who bought the game,thus providing your salaries) really want? We've seen you say you value our feedback,where's the proof?

Another little note..Brawling suggests hand to hand melee style combat,with only 2 actual melee classes
I'd think dueling or plain old PvP is more appropriate..my .02$
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All this effort over terminology? You guys sure are serious about this game!

Just rename it to "Temporary PVP Bandaid to Shut People Up" until you actually get balanced, actual PVP out.
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Thanks Blizz .... it's all what we needed 8(

I go back playing another game ... POE per example till you fix that game.

The first raison we buy D3 was .... D2 ...nothing else !
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w00t instead of fixing the still broken ah blizzard renamed dueling :clap!@#$ingclap:

blizzard, please fire yourselfs and bring blizz north back. we could use them right about now. your fail seems neverending

02/08/2013 12:00 PMPosted by Lylirra
I'm gonna go ahead and call it dueling, if you corporate types don't mind. Stop trying so hard to not be Diablo 2, it's kinda pathetic.

Most of the feedback we've been seeing from players has been in the context of what dueling was in Diablo II and how it exists in other games. Generally speaking, dueling in other games has always been something that you can do in the normal world at a moment’s notice (or at least initiate at a moment’s notice through a challenge). It’s something that only involves two people, and carries with it the expectation of formality and structure, and to a degree…fairness. That’s not really what dueling (now brawling) is about in Diablo III, and we want to make sure that the scope of the system isn't being misrepresented by its name.

oh ya cause there wasnt 4v4 duels in diablo 2.
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i've come to the conclusion that when Activision bought Blizzard, they didn't get all the rights to all the IP for diablo, now the name "dueling" must be off limits because it was in DII also?
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I thought we were still calling it broken? Hmm. Brawling it is.
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An entire thread started by a community manager over semantics. Wow. Names over substance; is this what it's come to now? You're trying to fool us into thinking something is good by changing it's name? Maybe you should change this game's name and start developing the real Diablo 3.
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Blue...script..was... wasted...on...this...? What the hell are they doing at work? NOT working on 1.07, that's what. And Im not coming back until they at least fix the way reflect currently works. Really, making most of your elites reflect abusers doesn't make them harder, just cheap shot artists.
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much needed name change, top of priority!
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02/08/2013 03:07 PMPosted by TwoCoins
Hate to hear this. Blizzard pretty much just said they have no plans to make "brawling" more enjoyable.

that's why the renamed it, they didnt want to add objectives and scoreboard and wanted to make it mindless because it would require effort on their end. Which they don't like to do.

So why the blizcon PVP was scraped? Didn't JW said is pointless no rewards?
So why implement something EVEN WORSE?
p.s change the mechanism not the name
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I doubt anyone cares that you renamed "dueling" into "brawling". Next time you post a blue stickied thread... make sure it's actually about GAMEPLAY which people actually give a damn about..
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02/08/2013 03:16 PMPosted by Morco
There's a lot of power in a name
yeah, so much power has the name DIABLO that made me buy this unfinnished game.

damn son you called them out and you are 100% right good job
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I knew that you were going to get flamed for this. I wonder if you were a bit hesitant to post this.
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