Diablo® III

Dueling Re-Named to Brawling

Blizz, you know we are not all English-native speakers. Nobody knows what's brawling before looking it up in the dictionary...
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02/09/2013 12:07 AMPosted by DemonSouL
[quote="78638289507"]you don’t need to worry about objectives, rewards, or scoring

and this is fun right ?!!!
I Smell sarcasm :D
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I really dont care how is it called, even "Bashing in the Face with a Stick Diablo Style" could be fine.

I just want TDM like I saw it on BlizzCon :(
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a ROSE by any other name or color is Still i a ROSE ! ! !
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Priorities at Blizzard = !@#$ed. I could care less if you called it baking or hurr-durring. How about addressing the beyond flawed itemization system, or the lack of any diversity in how heros are built or even how people spend their time playing the game.

Blizzard, never fails to disappoint.
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if they're changing 'dueling' to 'brawling'


why arent they changing 'farming' to 'pointless'

or better yet,

'diablo 3' to 'diablo 3 beta'

OK I lold at this, thanks!
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02/08/2013 12:01 PMPosted by chrisko
cool. now stop bsing us and give us some updates that are actually fun.

i like his thinking ! so how about them patches and better items and sets! !

>*< I'm not impressed with the so called Story Line at all . . . "W.T.H" !
Who wrote this Trash a 10 year old theology student . . .
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Thanks, I have been waiting for this since release!
<3 you blizz.
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02/08/2013 11:58 AMPosted by BurningRope
Stop trying so hard to not be Diablo 2, it's kinda pathetic.

Golden words, chillingly true. That, in a nutshell, is the tragedy and the ruination of D3.
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Congratulatioons, everyone else will still call it dueling.
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PLEASE allow BRAWLING to give XP

We need another way to get XP and *fill in the gap* between level 60 and paragon 100

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lmao, right? corporate should remember, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And if it's a franchise (Diablo, in this case) stay classy, only improve. Am I right?
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YES, getting exp through brawling after 60 would be WAY MORE ENTERTAINING THAN FARMING FOR EVERY RESOURCE!!!!!!! GIVE US SOME FLEXIBILITY!!!!!
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you cannot be serious you guys dont want to spend a single moment to even READ FEEDBACK AND IDEAS BY YOUR PLAYERS to make some sort of balance... There's LOTS of posts with GOOD ideas...

God damn you, why you even have a feedback forum OR a PTR if you dont give a !@#$ anyway (sorry for the language - but it's just a huge disappointment)
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I'm from Europe, what's brawling mean?
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sounds like a bunch of scientologists/crazy occult trying to game right.
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no body cares

it'll always be called dueling
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I think it should have been renamed to BLAND, DULL, FLAT, UNINSPIRING or UNSTIMULATING..

lol, OK seriously, rename to brawling? I agree with the reason to change the name, and that Brawling fits a LITTLE better, but I don't think the accuracy was quite portrayed within the name change in my opinion.. mainly because IMO the overall gameplay is extremely unfinished and unrefined.

Any attempt to shine a rock (focus on within) isn't where I feel the priorities ought to be.. How about providing content and meaning.. I DON'T think this is a case where LESS IS MORE.

I am just blown away that this is going to be released, without even a basic scoring system to keep track. Now people can argue about who won all the time. Really??

No combos, nothing unique like "game modifiers" that can be selected.. How about an optional set of weapons or skills to choose from to give people a reason to do this.. If you want ideas, there's a whole community full of them.

What you have planned to provide, is nothing more than BARE MINIMUM with the LEAST thought or creativity implemented. A BASIC fighting system with.. well nothing.. you didn't add ANYTHING.. you built a couple maps and allowed players to hit each other, that's it!!!

This from a company with a once SOLID reputation for QUALITY and POLISHED game content where the DETAILS were refined. I feel like this game was made by another company to be honest. :(

My physical game box, that I bought in June of 2012, still has features not yet implemented in the game. It is now February, 2013.. disappointments and broken promises.

I hate to be negative, but I cannot help being REAL.. I wanted D3 to be so much more also.. Many have left, I'm one of those who keeps hanging on, but I just don't know for how much longer..

Myself and many others saw the Blizzcon videos and were excited about the PVP and TEAM DM shown. I just don't know why we can't get what we saw (looked fun). Are you going to keep these things from the players just because you are worried about powerful players teaming up and killing everyone? That's a very small percentage. Friends can play each other and a matchmaking based on DPS shouldn't be TOO difficult to implement..

I really HOPE you are not holding key features back like real PVP, Team DM, the MYSTIC, etc just to justify an EXPANSION pack. I hope that's not the motivator here, people aren't that stupid to fall for that trick...
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