Diablo® III

Dueling Re-Named to Brawling

I dunno..

When I think of brawling I think un-organized and spur of the moment (kind of like going hostile out in the field.

When I have to go to particular area of sorts and pick and choose who I'm fighting.. it really sounds more like dueling.
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Game is a brawler, rename it as well imo.

seriously, if you guys just redid diablo 2's graphics, added some treasure goblins and better mechanics, i would gladly pay 60 dollars for that. maybe throw in some new legendarys. holy hell how hard is your job

i was just thinking the same..give d2 a overhaul..add some new items , add these classes...Matter of fact add everything except RNG, Auto-Points, and RMAH, [GAH is ok] and you've got a winner
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Ya know, I was playing devil's advocate with this game for awhile with the hopes of some good revamps and the pvp addition since as we all know, D2 wasn't the D2 we know and love when it came out. But at this point after experiencing the pvp for myself... I really don't know what to say. It REALLY feels like they are actually trying to just put this game out of its misery and drive everyone away. And if that's the case they should really just shut down the servers (since you can only play online, which was another brilliant idea). At this point it is really just disappointment after disappointment. The pvp system... it does not matter what you call it because it is complete crap. All they did basically was create a new zone for people to one shot each other in... and they took the better part of a year to do even that.
Bottom line..
What Blizzard should do is follow Square-Enix' lead from FFXIV... it sucked and they knew it sucked so they killed it and rebuilt it.

So guys... start over and do it right and put the right people on the job this time! #FthatLoser
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So this is what Blizzard accomplished this week? Thought up a different name for PVP?

Thanks for all your hard work Blizzard, I love how this game is always changing and is never the same thing over and over.
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I like the new name just cause i feel like its gonna be a bunch of drunk guys beatin each other up in a dirt bag bar.
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Omg! Thank you so much devs. The term "dueling" has been haunting me for awhile now. I'm so glad you're changing it to brawling. Now that you've gotten this major, game changing name changing out of the way...can you do something that's actually productive?
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Super Diablo Brothers Brawl. I like it.
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this is the kind of discussion taking place around your offices? what a load.
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2 things:
1. a duel is often a fight to the death. brawling is just a fight. in diablo, when a character loses all of its life it dies; it does not collapse for a while or anything. "you have died, click to continue"

2. regardless imma say "fight me" or something anyway. regardless of the name change, people will call it what they want; ergo pointless change.
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Honestly I don't care what the hell they call it, as long as I can do it. 99% of people on the PTR don't call it dueling or brawling anyways, they call it PvP. It's just a word. It doesn't effect the play either way.
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02/09/2013 07:27 PMPosted by RiddleCat
this is the kind of discussion taking place around your offices? what a load.

i lol'ed... its true tho
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stop wasting time on pointless changes blizzard.....
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it would be nice if the next patch after this would bring a mmo for this wonderful game. i know its not an easy thing to do but i guess this is what people are surely looking forward to. :)
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I actually logged in to Diablo III account for the first time in probably weeks now... So is Jay Wilson still on till the end of this patch? I just need to know some sort of date that I can check back to this forum and find something constructive coming from blues. I know you've already heard it 300 times and probably aren't even reading anymore by this comment... but I played the crap out of this game for months, blew my whole summer on it, just power leveling, trying to get leveled so we could get to what my friends assured me would be the "real fun" well its closing in on a year later and I have yet to experience that "real fun". Please just post some constructive comments with input from max level players on multiple characters being addressed, or and i know this is crazy... just start doing what we ask and not giving us these absurd posts once a week or two. I mean seriously... they've made whole new games in less time than you have taken to fix your problems... is it really broken? I was going to attempt to play again when the patch came out, or comes out. I don't even care anymore to tell you the truth.

TLDR Are you serious Diablo Team? I'm checking back less and less frequently. Don't play the game anymore at all.
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McDonalds MacDowels
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