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Dueling Re-Named to Brawling

02/08/2013 11:57 AMPosted by AXEINGAR
Haters gonna hate, potato's gonna potate

Duellers gonna brawl, apparrently.

I imagine it went a little like this:

Blizz head honcho: Ok Dave, you're filling in for Jay until we get a permanent replacement. I don't want to diminish your temporary promotion into this caretaker position though. You have the near infinite resources of Blizzard Entertainment at your disposal. You can make any changes to the game you wish, within reason. Don't blow it Dave, this is your moment to shine! Any ideas?

Dave: Well....er

Blizz head honcho: Yes?

Dave: Well its the whole "duelling" thing...
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Dueling Re-Named to Brawling


Not aiming for the right track to make the thing worth its name, BUT
renaming something that doesn't look like what you have been after for all the time you have spent developing it?

A completely intolerable lazy act of incompetency.
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Blue is trolling right?...right?
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Wow you guys are vicious lol. It's just a simple name change and everyone dusted off their old pitch forks.

Anyway, I agree with rebranding it to brawling. It brings to mind a bar fight in an old pub. That name does better to reflect the nature of this patch's PVP.
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This is just amazing. I mean honestly amazing.

What i don't understand is all of this time spent on a system that was already developed.
Team Death match is and was the same thing without the whole [Team] Aspect.
Personally i'd like the option for teams.

So why this system was designed twice isn't very logical to me. And now taking more time Changing what to call it?
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First a long awaited PvP update amounting to a long winded "whoops," calling in sick on the first Dev update, and now this... Sometimes it feels like you guys are asking for it. Time to regroup
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I guess Fail Wilson just doubled it. Again!
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Ahhhh! Who cares what they call it! No one is going to use it after 2 weeks anyway. No point, no reward, no goal, no fun!

Who are these people in the "community" asking for name changes to dueling...? Ask for something else for crap sake..

I actually like this game, spend more time on real content.
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It's a good idea, dueling was the wrong name. No idea why people are getting pissy at Blizzard for even making a thread about this. They wanted to take the opportunity to explain why it doesn't really behave like conventional dueling. More communication is not a bad thing, chill out guys.
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Most important thing on their list right now: Let the people know its not called dueling...

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02/08/2013 11:58 AMPosted by BurningRope
I'm gonna go ahead and call it dueling, if you corporate types don't mind. Stop trying so hard to not be Diablo 2, it's kinda pathetic.

You're right. This is becoming stupid.
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Posts: 86
... this is just saddening. Other adjectives that can be used is sickening, infuriating, confused, dejected, demoralized, and perhaps even disgusted by some fans.

You're removing even terminology that made D2 one of the best games of all time. Why change something so petty and not fix itemization in this game? It seems priorities have shifted and Blizzard is so out of touch with the fan base that it's near impossible to recover.

Listen to the fans; not what YOU think is best. There's so many posts in the General Discussion on how to make this game fun again. It should be about us, not what Blizzard thinks is fun. Because frankly, not much of D3 is fun these days and most people still play for the nostalgia of D2 and endless amounts of hope that D3 will become great. That flicker of hope is sadly fading.
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02/08/2013 11:48 AMPosted by Lylirra
There's a lot of power in a name

True that. So, why don't you fix the character names to appear in games instead of battle tags all the time? Oh wait... you guys can't. Because you guys only develop something up than change the name to suit the whatever thing you guys develop. So, when are you guys gonna rename Diablo 3 to something else?
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02/08/2013 12:00 PMPosted by Lylirra
I'm gonna go ahead and call it dueling, if you corporate types don't mind. Stop trying so hard to not be Diablo 2, it's kinda pathetic.

Most of the feedback we've been seeing from players has been in the context of what dueling was in Diablo II and how it exists in other games. Generally speaking, dueling in other games has always been something that you can do in the normal world at a moment’s notice (or at least initiate at a moment’s notice through a challenge). It’s something that only involves two people, and carries with it the expectation of formality and structure, and to a degree…fairness. That’s not really what dueling (now brawling) is about in Diablo III, and we want to make sure that the scope of the system isn't being misrepresented by its name.

Why don't you just call it a Coloseum
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Thats good. Seems we all can start to grumble about dueling not released since 15th may 2012. We have "Brawling" but we want "Dueling", 9 months have passed and still no dueling around, blizzard really doesnt care about a proper content in this game.

Brawling is nice I agree, but come on, I come as a monk, I have almost no mobility, because a barb rends me and vanish, running with 50% speed all the time. Serenity saved my !@#, but after 4seconds barb had returned, rend'ed me and I died, because exploding palm that works like rend and has 0 radius I can do nothing. To make that skill work I would have to hug my opponent, but unfortunantly brawling isnt about hugging, so yeah, Im waiting for a dueling system, that will work better.

For now balance is a less of an issue, the more conserning things are invisible walls, inivisible opponents, that run around invisible killing everyone around, because they have learned where to stand and not get hit or just not be seen. Also many skills (runes) of each class are useless and could do a lot of good in the game balance just by simple changes. I read a lot of reddit and other sites. People give you wonderful support and I have never seen any progress done due to fixing skills that "work as intended" but not as they should.
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I will also keep saying "dueling" as brawling sounds just stupid... I'm one of the mid-twenty something year olds who played D2 for like a decade and can't imagine why dueling would even need to be thought about as a change... Now... I just got irritable bowel syndrome from just thinking of this!
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02/08/2013 01:38 PMPosted by MisterAjikko
Dueling Re-Named to Brawling


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