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Looking for advice to get back to D3 as a DH

Hi all, I haven't played much diablo 3 since near its release. I played a little when paragon levels were announced, but since then haven't much.

I've been looking into a lot of the gear that DH's here have, and a lot of it costs a lot of gold on the AH. With my gear and stats, I've just been playing act 1 still. Are there certain pieces I should try to grab first to get into these other MP modes and further acts?

I guess I'm just looking to see what should I prioritize to try and improve my farming.
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Hi Brandon,

The easiest to upgrade would be your rings and shoulders. A dex ring with moderate crit dmg n crit chance costs much cheaper now than your time. Can get both for under 1m.

As for shoulders go for a Vile Ward that your budget allows you to.

Weapon wise you can choose either manticore calamity or windforce, with a socketed windforce being cheapest amongst the three at the 1200+ Dps range. This will cost abt 5-10m.

I can't review the specifics of your gears cause my browser ain't working right, but the above should guide you along.

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Thank you for the information.

As far as farming goes, are there certain stat levels that I can move forward into other acts with? I have been doing Act 1 for a while in inferno, and needless to say its definitely boring :)

I'll definitely farm up some gold and invest in those items first that you mentioned. I actually have a 1 socket manticore so far.

Edit: I think one of my biggest issues is I'm so far behind the times. When I was playing last year over the summer, things were so much different than they are now, and the game was in a completely different state. I appreciate any input and have found some other good threads that also have good information on surviving in lower modes.
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It shouldn't be too hard to get into act 3 mp0, but your survivability is really low. You definitely need to look into more Vit and AR on any piece of gear and for a very cheap amount of gold pick up the Natalya chest and either helm or boots if you can afford. The 2 pieces just for the 7% crit will boost your dps quite a bit. Look into a Deadman's legacy to replace your quiver, but get one with at least 15% attack speed. Your pants and belt could be replaced as well, same amount of dex but with vit and AR should be pretty cheap.

I have seen some pretty cheap depth diggers (pants), you could look up those and see if there's anything good. I might have a few pieces I can donate to you if you wanna add me.

Good luck.
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Thanks for the good info, I'll definitely look into that.

Yeah I see now when I look at profiles that most people have at least like 35k health and 250-300 resists or so. I probably was just prioritizing pure DPS stats when I first played.
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If anyone stumbles upon this thread with similar questions, try the below thread. It has great starter and high level gear information along with expected prices.

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