Diablo® III

Name #1 reason you bought D3

Big fan of Diablo 1 & 2 = Automatically i would buy Diablo 3.
Even if they dont fix the Diablo 3 game or i lose the will to play Diablo 3, i would buy the expansion/expansions no matter what.

me too
Wanted to waste time somehow
02/07/2013 04:55 PMPosted by Uber
Diablo 2

and Diablo 1 ofc.
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The annual pass. :) Plus D1 and D2, good times with those games. Also the WD class looked like a lot of fun and was.
Because i like it :)
Beta was awesome. But after that they double it:/
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Blind Buy!

Who am I kidding D1&D2!
while diablo 2 would be my top reason, like most here it seems, i hafta say more...

to play with my friends (of which, none play now, where i had ~30 at the start), and to play with 7 of them in the same game, mind you -.-

real combat unlike wows (of which, isnt the case at all, melee swings hitting when they should miss is not diablo combat)

to find awesome items (of which, none exist)

needless to say... i dont play this game
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02/07/2013 04:55 PMPosted by Uber
Diablo 2
Because I like action RPGs, and the Diablo franchise is the king of them. I've yet to find a single Blizzard game I don't like. I don't like RTS games, and I even like Starcraft 2.

There are loot issues in Diablo 3, but those are it. I otherwise love this game. I was first in line on release night at midnight, and I walked out with my Collectors Edition held high above my head... to cheers from the line behind me.
Because my friends peer pressured me into playing...now I play more than they do!
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02/07/2013 05:26 PMPosted by babinro
Beta was awesome

Yeah, that was it for me. I was skeptical about Diablo 3 until I got a beta invite. After a few hours with the beta, it became a "must buy".
In the legacy of demon spawn.
02/07/2013 04:55 PMPosted by Uber
Diablo 2
02/07/2013 04:55 PMPosted by Uber
Diablo 2
02/07/2013 05:34 PMPosted by WhoKnows
thought i was buying the follow-up to Diablo 2.

You mean you thought you were buying a D2 expansion?
i got d3 from the annual pass in WoW, unfortunately pandas was a big enough disappointment for me that i simply shifted over to d3. and im liking the change
Posted by Uber
Diablo 2
So it could buy other blizzard games for me (which it has)
02/07/2013 04:55 PMPosted by Uber
Diablo 2

Also, Diablo 1.
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