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My CM so far. Needs work and advice.

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If you look at my Wiz I might not be in my current cm gear.

80k dps
2.08 Attacks per secound (current)
CC 44%-38% (44% with tal-rash head, 38% with storm crow)

life on hit 1.6k-1.1k (1.6 with crow, 1.1 with talrash head)
Life steal 2.90
Life regen 805-1.1k-buffed

650-720 all resist

Gear I might not be wearing but used for my CM build

Gloves- +5AS, +10CC, +77 All Resist, Vit +87, Dex+44

Bracers Lacuni- 8%AS, 81vit, 70int, (no CC) / Strong Arm 4.5cc, 243int, 8%Life, (no AS)

Wepon has changed! (current)
Wep -1078dmg, 486-926dps, 9attack speed, 2.90%LS, 10AP on crit, 14max power

Now im looking to get a wepon such as chantodos will with the attack speed and the LOH/LS (now I feel the upgrade will be minimal vs my current wep unless LOH will be better)

Off hand such as Oculus to replace my triumvirate (will give more cc and possibly arcane power on crit)

Im trying to buy Inna's Temprance pants with 2 sockets With either vit/int and or all resist (cheap as possible)
Any advice I dont want to spend more than 5mil per-item. I have 20mil to use but if theres any thing I can speend thounsands for and get a moderate upgrade just tell me how to search for it.

Skills i use which might not be listed: diamond Skin(shell) / frost nova(coldsnap) / slow time(strech Time) / energy armor (prismatic) / twister (wicked) / explosive blast. Talents: CM,astral presence, Galvanising ward.

Any modifications that would help?
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Link to your char?
You need to bump your AS up to 2.5 at least
Get ias chantodo together with a decent chantodo force - will give you a lot of ias. dont go for inna's, much rather some rare or some nice blackthorns
Lifesteal is not really needed at your dps level
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Get a Chanto OH, without APoC, if you're going to get a chanto MH or if you already have one. Otherwise you can use a triumvirate with APOC combined with a dagger with high IAS for extra dps. Either way use a storm crow for extra APoC. You want to have 2 pieces of gear with APoC, preferably 20 total. Then get IAS on gear to reach 2.5 or 2.73 APS, like the poster above said.

When you raise your APS you won't need the LS and you will only really need 600-1000 LoH, so don't worry about losing those stats when changing weapon.
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Posts: 53
thanks for the comment my wepon has changed so i might still chantodos idk
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