Diablo® III

The PvP I had imagined...

The Nephalem divide
Following the defeat of Diablo, the nephalem withdrew to assist mankind in rebuilding the damage in Caldeum, Wortham and other cities marred by the Lords of Evil's attempt at domination.

However, not all shared the Aspect of Wisdom's view on the shared destiny of Angels and Man. Now given time to ponder over the knowledge gained during the quest to save the High Heavens from utter destruction, such as the Angiris Council's near-decision to eliminate Mankind.

While these Heroes were sure that Kulle's methods could not be forgiven, they were not convinced that the Angels had Mankind's interests at heart. Should man's elimination ever coincide with the ultimate goal of winning the Eternal Conflict, the Council would no doubt take action. And with the Aspect of Wisdom now made flesh, the Nephalem could not be assured of a human victory.

Driven by the desire to create an equal standing for man alongside the Angels, these Nephalem band together to Destroy and Change what the Aspect of Wisdom, and his allies, were trying to build - a future for both Man and Angels.

"For the Angels have shown that they do not think themselves equal to men. It is up to us, then, to show that Man is a race capable of standing on its own."

Will you rebuild the old world with the Heroes? Or will you join the Revolutionaries and forge a new world for mankind? The choice is yours.

The Choice
Following Character selection for the first time after PvP release, you will have to choose - Hero or Revolutionary. The decision is permanent, but only applies to each specific hero. Therefore if you have a monk and a wizard, you can have the wizard play for the Revolution and the monk join the Heroes. The individual character's faction is reflected on the bottom of the screen.

Game Modes
Once your character has chosen, it will open up a "Multiplayer" button in main menu alongside "Change Quest". Selecting this will bring you to the game mode selection menu.

"Eternal Conflict"
Clicking on it brings up something similar to your public games selection, but with a twist: instead of seeing quests, u now see areas: Halls of Agony 2, Keeps 2 and so on. Selecting one throws you into a team based battle where the Revolutionaries and Heroes fight endlessly across the various maps. The leaderboards can be pulled up in battle to reveal your all-time Kills and Deaths stats, as well as those of the players inside the game u are in.

The matches run eternally and have no fixed ending or objective. The purpose is to log in, kill as many of the enemy as u want to, and get out. Clean and simple. Work with your teammates and find synergies to overwhelm your enemy with cunning team strategies and combinations!

In Pandemonium, The maps are considerably larger - for example, the entire Keep depths, North and Southern Highlands. In these maps the objective is not to blindly collect kills but to secure waypoints, and thus reduce the enemy's tickets to zero. Scattered throughout the maps are various waypoints, all with 4 banners around them (think of your waypoint in base with 4 players in game), but these 4 banners are instead in either the Hero's colors or the Revolution's.

To secure a waypoint the character must change all 4 banners to their colors. This is done by clicking on each individual banner, after which your hero will perform an animation similar to reviving a teammate. Upon the completion of the animation, that banner turns colors. All you have to do is make sure that all the banners are your color, and voila! The waypoint is yours. But be warned: when a waypoint's colors are being turned, the opposing team will hear a audio notification that their waypoint is under siege, and your location will be marked by a YELLOW ping/arrow on the enemy's map, similar to a teammate's banner drop. Conversely, look out for BLUE pings/arrows on your minimap - this indicates a waypoint that your teammate is attempting to capture. Support them at all cost! The banners do not need to be sequentially turned and 4 heros could flip the entire waypoint in the time it takes to flip a single banner.

Capturing a waypoint has threefold benefits. First, it allows your side to spawn at that waypoint from the Camp, or spawn point. Second, the team with more waypoints will reduce the opponent's tickets, pushing your side towards victory and control of the map. Thirdly, if you capture all the waypoints on a submap, the enemy cannot pass to the next submap nearer to your camp, reducing their area of operations! Enemies who are caught behind submaps that have come under your Total control will face a countdown timer by which they must escape - or face instant death.

Victory in a Pandemonium match is reflected in your profile and will show up on Pandemonium leaderboards accessed in game. Fight with your brethren for control of Sanctuary!

Example of a Pandemonium game
In Keeps Pandemonium, the Revolutionaries begin from the Larder and fight their way up the keeps towards the Stronghold. The Heroes are to defend the keeps at all cost to prevent the capture of Bastion's keep by the Revolution.

There are 5 waypoints on each level, and as mentioned above, if the Revolution captures all waypoints on Keeps 2, for instance, then Heroes will not be able to access Keeps 3. From their perspective, the entrance to keeps 3 will simply cease to be an entry point. They will need to capture at least one Keeps 2 waypoint before being able to travel to Keeps 3.
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6 Orc Warrior
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D3 doesn't need factions. If they added this, one of the factions would get stacked with the best pvpers and battlegrounds would be imbalanced bullcrap.
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if factions are not implemented, then that would mean either random assignment into either team, or players choose a side each time they enter battle.

and if u have played Battlefield or Counterstrike respectively, u would know these 2 assignment methods are terrible. either people dont even get to play with their friends, or everyone just wants to join the winning team.

there is no perfect assignment method.
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