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1h + Shield build

Ive never played Demon hunter, but I truly enjoy shield. Anybody have gear and build suggestion for 1h + shield? I guess calamity is the BiS for the weapon?

Thank in advance
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Actually a high end Manticore is BiS, but Calamity has some advantages due to it's higher speed and the improved crit chance from Archery which helps with Nightstalker procs to maintain shadow power gloom uptime.

Windforce is also fun for the Knockback and is a great weapon.

Shields typically aren't used, but if you want to use one it should go nicely with Calamity so you have decent attack speed since you will lose attack speed from not having a quiver. Try bola thunderball rune for the stun, should be nice with the shield to help with your survivability.

For a shield I'd look for armor, dex, vitality, all resist, and crit chance.
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Also sentry guardian would go nicely with a shield build since I assume you are focusing on survivability, and perfectionist as a passive. There's a tank DH guide somewhere, might want to search for it. I have seen some DH's using Stormshields, which is a good legendary shield.
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Few demon hunters use shields, but if you enjoy that play style I suggest you check out the high EHP demon hunters on diabloprogress. They typically use shields:

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I use a shield only at higher mp levels when I can't tank anymore. Shield can be absolutely amazing on MP10 with Evasive Fire-> Hardened. I can tank almost as well as my HOTA barb. The issue is my damage plummets. I lose 15k dps with this shield and it has some of the most immense damage you can get:

1462 Armor
14%Block with 3706-4706 Block Amount
+320 Dexterity
+110 Intelligence
+76 All Resistance
+327 Armor
+Critical Chance Increased by 10%

You could certainly do better with Vitality to offset the lose of Dead Man's Legacy, but you can't make up the damage with a shield. Flipside is that I got this shield for 5mil and my quiver was much more expensive.
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