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help me improve my barb~!

i dont have much gold to spend, around 8m

im honestly stuck on what to upgrade next, i want boots with movespeed but firewalkers/ice climbers with all resist are way out of price range, i was also thinking about ditching the VIT gems in the chest for STR.

EDIT: just did a test run with a new ring and weapon. i feel like im lacking lifesteal but dont know how to get anymore without saccing stats
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you sure want to get 24% ms if you want to do DTWW, and there is always IK boots, get one, 8 mil is sure enough if you are not thinking about to keep the same str/vit numbers. The thing is, don't get too hang-up on your character sheet numbers, get the 24% ms with losing str is totally worth in your case, and it will make a big difference.

if you want to get to 24% ms without saving up another 50 mil, you can just sell your IK armor, use that money to get an IK belt, then a good str/vit roll tyreal's might. It's doable. otherwise, you are looking at saving up a bit for a decent lacuni's bracer. Getting to 24% ms is your highest priority now, then you can work on the rest
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thanks alot man, yeah im sooo worried about losing the str, i did just pick up a decent IK belt. ill look into the boots next, the only thing after that would be lacuni? those damn things are fkn expensive..

EDIT: im still pretty new to the game, how do my abilitys/runes look? opinions on that would be helpful aswell.
im still getting wrecked by some elite packs, normally reflect dmg i think
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are you trying to improve dps or just survivability?

And honestly you shouldnt change your bracers to lacuni, ur crit chance is pretty low. Switch your amulet to something with like 150str, 7crit chance and some crit dmg.

And change your skill lol, i bet you dont generate much fury at all...

change battle rage to "into the fray", change frenzy to something else, u shouldnt be killing much with frenzy.Also change unforgiving to bloodthirst
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kk made the changes, switch my prim attack to bash-> instigation
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to support a ww build, you need 24% movement speed, good crit chance, aps (ww and sprint both use breakpoint system, so don't blindly increase this, there is a thread about the breakpoints, just google "sprint breakpoints", the first result is what you should read).

Those are the requirements for WW build to work well.

Supporting skills:
1. WoTB + thrive on choas (a must, the goal is keep extending the duration, aka perma zerk)
2. Battle Rage + Into the fray (a must, this is how you keep generating fury to extend WoTB)
3. Sprint + run like the wind ( a must, main dmg dealer, and insane # of hits, # of hits is related to the number of tornadoes you lay down, which is relate to movement speed, thus you want 24% ms, and how many hits each second each tornado does, which is related to your attack speed, again, do read the breakpoint, it is too important, you have to understand the mechanism behind it)
4. WW+ hurricane (a must, mobility utility, minor dmg dealer, allows you to move through mobs as your current movement speed, lay down the tornadoes, any other skill rune than hurricane will reduce your movement speed, thus less tornadoes generated)

so you have 2 free skill slot,

for starters, go with a fury generator, either bash - instigation or cleave with the extra fury rune, the goal is to use this skill when you starve on fury, should be used only when needed to. Then for the 1 left, you can either go warcry - impunity if you have survival issue and need defense, or you go overpower - killing spree if you have enough defense from gears and other skills, to give you more crit chance.

ruthless, weapon mastery is kind of mandatory unless you already obtain insane amount of crit chance from gear, but even you have good crit chance, those 2 are still the best passives. the 3rd is the free slot, depending on what you need, if you have high enough DPS and need LS, go bloodthirst, if you need defense, go tough as nail, if you have enough stats in every department, you can go wild with the 3rd passive

okay, here is the breakpoint thread, do read it, memorize it, sleep with it :)
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this is GREAT info i needed! thank you so much bro
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i changed my WW rune to hurricane, but im starting to feel fury starved x_X any solutions to that?

i changed unforgiving for bloodthirst for some more survival, should i switch back?
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I would not expect you to have enough fury generated to support that play style now, as you Crit chance from gear is really low, you will need about 30% to feel comfortable. and also, attack per second is also important, you are at 1.74 / 1.9981 attacks per seconds with skill buffs, which is also very low.

To give you some ideas, using my setup as an example:

I am at 78.5% Crit Chance with all active skill buffs, and 2.6825 / 3.3374 attacks per seconds

from breakpoint data, my tornadoes are doing either 26 or 36 hits per second, that's average of 31 hits per nado per second, and there are 4 of them, so that's 124 hits per second, math is:

124 * .785 = about 97 critical hits per seconds
and Sprint run like the wind has a .08 proc rate (which is the chance that will trigger the battle rage into the fray fury gain effect)
which is on average 7.8 * 15 fury return every second. which is more than enough to keep WoTB up whenever there is something to hit, and I had to consistently spam battle rage so my fury globe isn't full (as if your fury is already full, even it proc'd on fury gain, it's not consider a gain)

so, apply the same logic to your case:
your fully buffed crit chance is at 61%, and your aps is at 17/18 hits per second, average of 17.5, and let's assume that you are already at 24% ms that give you 4 tornadoes:

17.5 * 4 * .61 * .08 * 15 = 51 fury gen per sec on average.

Now, that math is only for the case that you all your nado is hitting something consistently, and fury regen is consistent, of course, which is not the case in real game play, there is regen spikes, and there is periods that your tornadoes are not hitting anything. So, yes, you are having fury regen issue, which is expected
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So, save up more gold, then upgrade your crit chance and attack speed, be prepared, WW build items are very expensive when you get pass the mid tier, but for entry-mid tier, it's fun and not crazy expensive :)
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holy !@#$ thats alot of damage, im at 45% crit chance buffed, and im at 24% MS
and as long as i have fury its hella fun, i just run around like a tard and %^-* dies XD
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02/08/2013 04:43 PMPosted by Gargrim
i just run around like a tard and %^-* dies XD

welcome to the dark side
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