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Rendus Maximus - Barb Build for Act II farm

Been playing around with some builds and I think I found one I really like for farming Act II efficiently. Ive never enjoyed WW so its always been my goal to find something that compares in clear time. Damage there is no doubt this kills faster than WW and more efficiently and its easier to pick up loot as you are next to the mobs when they die.


Keys to this build:

-I call this build Renus Maximus because essentially you are building around maximizing your rend ability. As we know, Rend does not benefit from IAS (attack speed) as it is a set amount of dmg over time. So the key here is to maximize CC, CD and STR as much as possible while maintaining a decent atk speed for your main hit Bash.

-Another key to this build is the Furious Assault, again, this skill does not have any benefit from IAS so again the goal here is to max Crit and Crit dmg as this is your main fury generator and also packs quite the wallop. Currently Im critting for upwards of 1mil with my current gear.

-Using a two hander is a key here because Rend goes off of main hand weapon dmg, so dual wielding really does no good for your Rendus Maximus build. Skorn is the obvious choice for its Crit dmg potential and strength stat. The one I am using currently cost 12 mil which is a great deal for the dmg it does.

-Sprint uptime is important as to keep pace with the WW barbs, this comes from utilizing Furious Charge (with merciless assault), Bash, Warcry, and Unforgiving. Typically I will use Warcry to in conjunction with my Battle Rage cooldown.

Skills Used:

Rend (Ravage): Ive tested using multiple different Rend types but I find the additional range from Ravage helps kill Elites and trash faster than anything else. If you find you are running into issues with staying alive or health regen then swap over to Blood Lust but as long as you have some life steal you should be fine (I only have 2.3 on my belt)

Furious Charge (Merciless Assault): This is the main fury generator and initiator on Elites/trash mobs. It is also a great utility to get out of trouble. Merciless Assault is the obvious choice here as the cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds for every mob you hit up to 10 seconds. So if you hit 5 mobs its back up instantly.

Warcry (Veteran's Warning): The rune you use on this is preference really. I like the additional dodge because when you dodge you take no damage and with my gear my resistance is already fairly high. I think if you are lower on the resistance scale it would be better to take Impunity. Ive been playing around with the dodge rune and its working well.

Battle Rage (Marauders Rage): The damage bonus with Battle Rage with a two hander is very nice, with the 30% bonus it gives me another 80k damage roughly. This is pretty much a necessity to boost your Rends.

Bash (Pulverize): I like Pulverize over Clobber because it hits in an AoE fashion and the fact that I am one shotting anything I hit anyways, why not kill everything in behind it. The only drawback I see is the knockback but really things are dying so fast and usually have the effects of Rend so it doesnt make a difference. If you are running into fury issues then Id say go with Instigation but that shouldnt be a problem.

Sprint (Marathon): This is such a necessity in speeding up your farm runs. The additional run speed is great especially with the added time it makes it very easy on your fury pool.


Weapons Master
Unforgiving: Great for maintaining fury with a small boost during downtime from killing

Gearing: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/CGIndecent-1545/hero/2408018

Ive recently switched to this build fulltime so there are some parts of my gear that dont match what I am trying to do but for the most part its set.

You want to be finding gear that maximizes CC and CD with high Strength. IAS is an obvious boost to dmg but your main killing machine is rend so really, the cost really doesnt justify the benefits. If you look at my gear you can see Ive tried to maximize CC and CD as much as possible in all pieces without spending a ridiculous amount of gold. I think this gear build would cost roughly 200m if that on today's AH.

How it works:

I use this build exclusively with Act II farming, starting at VOTA, then going to Black Canyon and Road to Alcarnus

Pop Warcry and your first sprint, Furious charge into the first pack you see then hit Battle Rage and Bash down the whatever mobs are close. You will have enough fury now to pop sprint again and charge to the first pack of elites and Rend and watch them fall over. Watch your fury and utilize Furious Charge and Bash when you are in a dryspell of fury.

Currently Im doing clears in just under 5 minutes using this build. I do not believe you could do the same with WW for this run without spending an insane amount of gold.

Thank you for reading (this is my first guide), input is always appreciated as I work to refine my farming runs/builds.
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What MP do you run with this build?

This is interesting, I actually was playing a near identical build to this the other day. I had a few differences--


-Berserker rage passive
-Sprint:RLTW rune
-Frenzy:Sidearm instead of bash
-Overpower:axe throwing thingy instead of Warcry

Overpower could have been anything really, but I find frenzy to be pretty good at refreshing it, and it adds a ranged attack which is kind of interesting.

The rest was the same, but the gameplay was similar. I would spam charge, rend, and sprint on groups. The AOE damage was very good, but single targets took a while, even when berserker rage became active. This build will be a lot better in 1.07 because the flinch animation is going away. Electrified and fire chains bosses are a pain with frenzy in the current game.

I was farming Act 2 at MP7.

Then I switched to HotA spec and cleared so much faster. Unfortunately, this build does not work as well at high MP as one that uses perma-wrath. It works OK at lower MP for farming and kill speed is decent. What MP were you running with this build?

It's really hard to beat the infinite HotA spam you get by using HotA with battle rage:into the fray. This build is also hampered by buggy behavior of charge. Sometimes it just does not work due to terrain issues.
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I farm purely on MP1 or if I am doing Act III MP0

With how MF works there really is no reason to farm any higher (for fun and challenge maybe) unless of course you are not gaining on downtime by going to higher MP levels.

I do agree, this build would be no good for higher MP's as the survivability just isnt there.

I love frenzy, the only issue for me is that since everything dies so fast I rarely keep the 5 stack up and I dont gain much fury or enough to keep up sprint.

I think your build is solid if I were to go into the higher MP's or key farming, but for the sake of farming MP1 this works great.

Charge is a pain sometimes, but after running over and over you start to pick up on where are good spots to use it and not, but it does get frustrating at times for sure.
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