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How do WD's defend against ranged mobs?

So after few build tries, I was relatively and successful in MP7 until I faced ranged fireball shooting mobs in Rakkis Crossing. and I was so helpless.

What do you guys do? As cm wiz, even though we are as weak as WD, permafreeze allowed it to just freeze them. Before permafreeze, wiz had to constantly kite and of course die. so kiting wiz could not farm in high MP's and that's one of the reasons why Archon can't farm high MP either.

I thought I was happy until I faced those fireball shooting dragons and also poison arm mobs.

Is there a specific skill/rune/set I need to fight them off or I just need learn to micro/kite better.

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bob and weave? I usually hit ranged monsters with primary attacks while dodging their attacks or spirit walk right up to them and hit em with bears.
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02/08/2013 06:47 AMPosted by JonkZ
bob and weave? I usually hit ranged monsters with primary attacks while dodging their attacks or spirit walk right up to them and hit em with bears.

Gearing up HP AR & armor, LoH with acid rain or rain of frogs to heal till you can get bears on em, once in bear range they normally over shoot you.

Also if you are running it solo, gear your companion for freeze like my *scound is.
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When possible, you get up close to them, hit them with Soul Harvest, Bear them, use Spirit Walk/Honored Guest (replenishes mana @ 15% / second for 2 seconds), and then bear them some more. Hopefully you have just killed at least one of the elites this way. Then you just keep pounding on them until you get them all dead.(Mortar usually cannot hit you when you are up close to them. The Act II key warden can mortar you no matter where you stand.)

If they have laser turret or freeze, then you have no choice but to run outside the perimeter of the lasers and bear them from afar. Try to run between lasers and Soul harvest them, and Bear them while you are up close.
If they have freeze and it's really fast or covers a large area, it is best to save Spirit Walk to break out of freeze, so they can't kill you while you are frozen.

If you have to move --- you move. Figure out how to get close to them, and hit them fast. .

Seeing how you now have put your Zuni gear on your Wiz, I can't get any more specific.
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do like me switch to s&b....lost 40k dps from my skorn setup but now playing at high mp i dont fear anything.

no more kitting, able to "tank" desec/laser/molten even rd arent a pb anymore
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Well, if u move all the time, they rarely hit u and if have a Jungle fortitude (takes 15% dmg off) as passive skill + Dogs with life link(takes 10% dmg off), it shouldn't be much of the problem for u....

And if they do, u should be able to survive 4 hits min. anyway ....

And when u send bears on target and move away, the bears should refill your life with 2 bears or so...
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what is s&b?
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sword and board...i find out that using a shield with less paper dps actually made the game easier for me at mp8 and more efficient

Less kitting
Able to cast bears more often
Not really need to cast AC for loh return
Die way way less

I usually grab the most mob possible around me, go hug a wall/corner, cast locust swarm (mana rune) and unleash bears on them without moving at all

with this setup, mana isnt a pb at all in dense mob area and AS benefit A LOT of it too since ur almost mana infinite.

This will be my grinding XP build for the coming patch since higher mp will benefit higher xp reward
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I use Spirit Barrage Well of Souls and Acid Rain.

If I get lucky then I try to stream some bears at usually one target. Usually I can only get one of them at a time since the AI is often annoying enough to make sure they are not clustering.

I also use Dogs and they take a lot of damage for me. They also tend to keep enemies stationary.
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"How do WD's defend against ranged mobs?"

Spirit Vessel
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"How do WD's defend against ranged mobs?"

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s there a specific skill/rune/set I need to fight them off or I just need learn to micro/kite better.


The gameplay aspect of dealing with stuff like this isn't easy to explain. It mostly comes down to micro but of course spirit vessal and other skills can make it easier as others have already said.

The best advice I can give you for surviving high mps is to up your ehp(effective hit points). Use a website like d3up.com.


Here is a link to my WD. I would estimate that 500k+ ehp is what you should shoot for when playing mp8+. Of course a significant amount of lifesteal and/or loh is needed also.
Lower ehp can probly be sustained but will require a very defensive skill build.
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