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85 Mil to spend ... any recommendations?

I obviously need a new weapon and would probably prefer to spend the most on the, but any other ideas or recommendations are appreciated.

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You could get a crit Zuni helm. Even a 3% one would give you 5000 more DPS and they are reasonable in the 15M gold range or so with 250 int.

Or you could put CC or CD on your other gear.

You could get a reasonable pair of Lacuni bracers without crit but with int, vit, and allres for 10M gold..

Depends what you are trying to do.
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Honestly with a slightly better weapon I should be able to do MP7 no problem, but I've never been able to get up to do reasonable MP10 runs.

I typically would run with a nice CC/CD dmg int ring, but just doing xp runs so the hellfire is there.

I haven't run into enormous survival problems unless I got above MP7, so I'm not sure if getting rid off CC in the bracers for resists and vit is critical. Would that be needed to get to higher MP levels?

When I'm in normal gear I end up with 107k DPS, 38k life, 3.8 k armor, 654 resist, 305k EHP, 39.5 CC & 375% CD.

Also up to 95 mil to spend now :)
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If you want to do higher MP then save up for a weapon.

If you like doing speed runs then you should get 24 movement speed as it will increase your farming speed.
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Get s skorn with life steal. and a pox with CC
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CC Pox, best 35 mill I've spent.
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flip them up to a billion then go on a shopping spree!!
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