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Solution to those can't connect

For those that can't connect to game or having extreme lag, I was able to download this vpn software from here and it solved my connection problem. It seems that any connection from ISP to diablo III has dropped packet, but through this one everything works just fine.

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WOW! It actually worked! How the hell, I DO NOT KNOW and I DO NOT CARE! I've been having issues for the past week and couldn't log on for several hours today.

Blizzard, hire this guy as a tech support. He has done what your WHOLE TEAM has not!
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oh, THANK YOU SO MUCH!, but what does this program do exactly? How is it able to resolve this issue?
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about to try this now
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wow it actually works. put blizzard to shame

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well when i first logged into loading a game my ms was 2700, but i waited about a minute and it went down to hovering around 115-180

edit: it solved the problem it appears. THANK YOU
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Thanx this actually works
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Going to try this tonight.
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Be very very wary of software downloads (check for malware) and realize that if you use a VPN, Warden may see the IP change as suspicious and lock or ban your account. Of course you can appeal, but it can be a pain the backside. If a VPN helps, it means something is amiss with either your IP locally, or the route your connections takes to the Bliz servers.

Edit for clarity - VPNs are not against the rules, however they are not supported and you use them at your own risk. They mimic the pattens often used by hackers hence why they sometimes result in a ban, although that can be overturned on appeal.

Tips to prevent that - always use the same VPN service and server. Once you start using the VPN, use it every time. That way your connection stays constant from Blizzard's point of view.
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I tried this and it didnt help or do a dam thing. still cant log on to D3. error 3003 or time out.
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posted in a different thread on accident..

this helped last night, however now i'm just getting lag spikes, so the problem is still there..
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I can confirm that this worked for me. I only had to run the program once and then everything worked fine even when I was not running it.
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will try this
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Wanted to give it a try but it would not connect even with their suggested proxy settings. The icon just kept blinking red to green.

Gave up and uninstalled.
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Did not help me.
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