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Que: Innas pants: Depth Diggers?

Okay so my dps is around 130k, give n take a few k.
With Inna's equipped, 2 +50emz in them

I have a pair of depth Diggers that i input in D3up with the same gem..
It drops my dps 3,374, but raises my Ehp 22,178..
I can do mp4 decent setup as is..
I was just wondering..would you switch up to the DD's? They seem better to me.
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You're forgetting the part where inna's gives movement speed.
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So would it be worth going Diggers with Witching hour and Lacuni bracers to give the 24% capped move speed for max DPS?
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If your paragon level is high enough, no point for paying so much for a DD. Go with cheaper rares for the same result if you are maxed out on movement speed. Inna is great for the additional ms and aspd but it'll never have the same Amount of EHP.
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02/09/2013 04:06 AMPosted by Prophet
So would it be worth going Diggers with Witching hour and Lacuni bracers to give the 24% capped move speed for max DPS?

That's what i'm saying, the DD give me a 22k EHP boost over inna's but i lose 3.4k dps, which right now i dunno if i can afford, lol. I'm barely skimming right over 100 since i changed up my build for 3aps.
^the above is what i was figuring i'd run, the movement+AS i lose on inna's are covered by lacuni,
I'm just trying to figure in the dex change.. If i drop inna's+strongarms its like 320dex., i can make up around 200 in the DDs.. lol

I just thought 22k ehp would help survivability so i could travel into mp5 and higher.

I know i need to stop switchin' it up and just invest in a better dps weapon.
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Innas better always IMO

on a related note.... i looked at your profile with you wearing the DD pants.

am I adding wrong.. but I only see 23% CC on your gear and you are running NS passive?

CC I see:
9% on quiver
6% on gloves
8% on amulet

I feel you have gone overboard in ASI on your gear and your CC is way too low for this build. What makes calamity successful especially with NS is high CC and high ASI. You certainly have the ASI but the CC is lacking. Even with the 10% Arch bonus... 33% is awefully low and I don't think you are procing NS to regen disc enough. Just My opinion. I think you want to get to 50% CC or as close to it as possible for NS to proc enough to really help you out.
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Yeah i went insane with changing my build around.. lol. I hindered myself with the DD/Lacuni combo, by 40k then went insane trying to figure out how to gain dps without losing the 3APS, which.. i had with inna's/strongarms.

Set up that way as a test yeah i probably was really all over with my build.
But with my regular build Strongarms 4.5cc% and the 1% on innas..

I think i understand the crits thing.. (profiles only show the items giving you added %)

Normal setup-

according to D3up (without archery)
DPS 122,091.16
Attacks per Second 3.01
+% Attack Speed 71%
Critical Hit Chance 40.5%
Critical Hit Damage 407%

(with archery)
DPS 140,854.2
Attacks per Second 3.01
+% Attack Speed 71%
Critical Hit Chance 50.5%
Critical Hit Damage 407%

Screenshot in game just now with archery
53.50% CC 407% Crit Dmg.


So, i'm sort of doing it right? lol I think.
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I think profile is just bugged to not show Nat's bonus, so 29 + 10 (archery) +5 (base) +7 (nat 2pc) gives him 51 crit chance.
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DD can roll ~270 Dex/Vit with 2 sockets while rares can roll like what, up to 200? Inna's is not always the right choice.
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Yeah with DD's i saw a 35k Ehp increase, and they weren't Godly..So with a different setup they could be decent, but with my build for speed it was damaging.

Because i want to keep 3aps, and couldn't squeeze out AS% anywhere else, the switch to them from inna's i lost 8% AS, 12% movement.. so i had to gain it back with Lacuni Prowlers, where i lost 236dex from removing Strongarms.. It was all this confusing mash up of experimentation. Failed exp. lol.

So i had..
+ 35kehp
same AS
Same movement speed.
- 30k DPS (give or take a few k)
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Why not just get a pair of rare? The best DD's can have 300 dex/vit, ar and mf. The best rare can have 200 dex, 300 vit, sockets, ar and armour or mf. Not so easy even finding a good DD on the ah.
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Until i can pick up AS on an ammy. Inna's is my resort because all the changes i'd have to make to stay above 70% AS.
(That being said i'm having trouble getting a drop Ammy that beats the one equipped,)

The reason i thought depth diggers was for the magic/gold bonus.. which isn't much but still is more. So if i do go that way again i might try that option.

We need AS% as a choice on all catagories when searching for armor v.v
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Rares are way better than DDs for the same cost, especially now when they've flooded the AH.
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