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Need Help: Next upgrade question

Hi all.


I am saving up upward of 200 million in the next 2 weeks for my next upgrade. I can change my gems and build to fit what i am playing but I want to up my DPS. It is currently 150k unbuffed roughly.

I think I should look at either new weapon combo or 2 hander but I might be missing something. I do not know much about then new patch but I may just save and get the new gem once it is available for weapons.

I appreciate all advise and feedback please help me get my barb better. It is already a beast for farming MP2-MP4 leveling runs. I swap to 5 piece IK + max radius gear and I walk through my farm runs. Also I can swap +- 200 Resist all for ubers and MP8 key runs but i sacrifice DPS.

Goals: MP10 uber solo farm status :)

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I do upgrade for barb most of my time so just add me Arthur#1635
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The first thing you need to understand - stop using paper dps as a measuring stick for where you are or where you're going.

Here is a true representation of your damage:
tDPS - 585134
tDPS vs. Elites - 585134

The next thing you need to work on in order to get to your goal is to try to strike a better balance. Your vit is quite low. You're going to need to decrease your strength in some places, and possibly your resist a little in order to get to the next level.

Vile Wards: The vit is too low. Switch these to high str, high vit, high res rare. You can easily get a 180+ strength, 170+ vit, 70+ AR, and it won't cost you very much. In fact you can probably push it to near 200 strength.

Gloves: I don't think you really need the 3 piece bonus, this piece is largely expendable. You should be shooting for a pair of strength trifectas. Get as much IAS, CC and CD as you can. If you have to make a sacrifice, try not to do it on IAS.

In terms of weapons, you first need to understand your break points. You're currently sitting at 2.263 / 2.117 and this can fairly easily be fixed and the difference to your damage would be significant.

For more info on breakpoints and weapons check: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7593621248

Oh and don't get a 2hand, you don't have nearly enough IAS for it. It simply won't work very well for your current gear level.

Get high vit Inna's, vit rolls higher than str here so take advantage of it. You can replace the strength you lose here by flipping your vit gems to str gems.

You can make a big difference with the budget you have there so hopefully this puts you in the right direction.
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Thanks for the feedback. I will work on it.
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