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Hi all barb,

I am not very active poster in forum, but I consider myself avid reader. I have browse through almost all post especially babarian forum. Yesterday I lost my Barb (paragon 55 ~110 hours play time). Just lost it with other character. Manage to get my WD back but the main still barb. Customer service find no compromise so no roll back.

This is not a whining thread. Just want to express my gratitude to some of the people in forum always helping me (indirectly :P). Namely Wayne, Phat, Uber, Sol, Nike and a lot more in community. I started with DH in 1.03, come back a month ago and replay all ID. Actually reading post from above posters really give me lots of information. I get to paragon 55 with 100 hours, even higher than some friends that did not quit, with like 500 hours clock in.

I also read the pvp from start till now. I say when started, barb was pounded left and right. Since I also gear all other characters, I visit other char forum as well. They always say barb was easy cake. Put challenge here and there. But, barb community preserve, we do not yield, we tested and tested. Hey, now they ask to nerf us~! Not that I care, I only like PvE. Always build my barb around that efficiently. But that shows how great this community really is.

Guess this is the end of my epic journey (as customer service put it). Hope you guys here have fun. We play game for fun, make sure that element is always there~!
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Hi guys,

I am back. Would like to thanks everyone for helping thus far making my barb again. Thanks to those that help me power lvl a new barb to 60. Thanks to some that give me their spare equipment. The only one still on loan is the 100% emerald on my weapon.

I got to Paragon 50 today. I view this as an achievement having lost the previous barb. Did the whole thing in 74 hours. Not bad I guess. DTWW barb definitely one of the best in terms on paragon leveling.


I hope to contribute more to the community as well.
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