I had purchased the game at launch and played it flawlessly for about two or three weeks. I stopped playing due to other games, and also have upgraded my computer since then.

When first playing I had the following specs:
AMD Phenom 955
XFX 6950 2GB GPU

After reinstalling on my new setup and trying to play with my friend I experience horrible stuttering, freezes and massive FPS loss. I have no clue as to why since my new computers specs are:
Intel i5 2500
XFX 6950 GPU

There is nothing that I can see as to why it would stutter or even hiccup due to hardware. My friends computer is worse than mine and he plays fine. I have turned shadows to low, turned off AA and even put Physics to low and it still stutters like crazy. Does anyone have any ideas what could be the cause? I have updated my drivers on my graphics card and I play several games that are far more demanding than this game with little to no trouble at all on max.

Any help would be much appreciated.