First off, it isn't completely related to Diablo 3, and the reason why I'm posting here is because it's not letting me post on SC2 Tech Support Thread.

Anyway, I've ran into an issue after installing/updating SC2 (DL'd client from Blizzard site) and the License Agreement will not come up for me. I'm 95% that is what's causing my issue because I will be logged in, but what I see is only the main menu (with the tabs on the left screen, option, etc, etc.) and the background of the game. Nothing else loads passed log in screen.

The reason I say it's the License Agreement is because D3 did the same thing for me at one point, and I fixed that by quickly changing regions. Which than it gave me the License Agreement and was able to play D3. Now I have been reading all over the forums to fix this problem, and nothing has helped for me in the case of SC2. I don't get the option to change region to get the License Agreement to come up.

If anyone has any idea's please reply. This is driving me nuts. >.<!!