So yes like many other posts I have been reading this is my exact issue.

Every little bit (about 30-50 minutes) I am playing just fine and bam I get an error saying i lost connection and get kicked from game, followed immediately by another error saying i lost connection to server.

IMMEDIATELY after i get kicked back to log in screen, i can log back on and rejoin the game i was in (if i was in multiplayer which usually i am) its so infuriating still though i decided to try to fix the issue.

Additonal info:
- I use Time Warner Cable
- I have a nextell router
- I live in the western new york area around buffalo
- Our internet went out 3 nights (the night before the night before last) The next morning it was fine, but my friend/neighbor said his was still messed up and he called time warner that morning and they said something about a shortage in area it should be fixed soon.

I only mention these things because the few posts ive seen someone mentioned having time warner, and also that they lived in New York.

Anyway the problem ONLY started happening for me that following day internet went up and lasted all that day/night and all yesterday/ part of last night.


I didnt expect anything to help but I got so mad at yet another disconnection i finished the dual loot run I was doing and did the following.

- Shut down my pc and all programs
- Unplugged my modem/router for 5 minutes (just to clear packets and such)
- Plugged back in modem/router and held down the reset button for 10 seconds untill it restarted
- Uninstalled Diablo 3
- Fresh installed Diablo 3 by downloading the client off my account from

After this I played for like 3-4 hours and everything worked fine. Play so far this morning and everything good as well.

I cant not 100% gurantee this will help everyone else, or if their problem is the SAME exact as mine but this worked for me with NO issues at all.

@Omrakos hopefully this will help you solve some other peoples DC issues or get to the root of the problem if it is a D3 problem at all.