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Why am I dying? Critique me.

I know my Monk needs a lot of improvement, but I just can't figure out why I'm dying in mp6. Are my resistances too low? Not enough DPS to steal enough life? Should I use LOH instead of LS%? Do i need more APS? Am I using the wrong build? Someone please critique me and tell me how to not die.

Important stats are as follows:

All Resistances: 663
Crit Chance: 47.5
Crit Damage: 436%
Attacks per Second: 2.06
Life Steal: 5.9
HP: 41k
DPS: 105.5 k unbuffed
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Your gear is fine; your skill with the monk is what needs improvement.

Oh and also the cookie cutter build you re using :)

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how not to die?
well, if one uses the cookiecutter build, and finds himself not quite
geared enough to survive with it, then he is in purgatory and should either
adjust his gear, or adjust the build.

As for having this issue and still rather stick to the cookiecutter,
then I suggest this build, it is similar to what ur using, with a slight adjustment. ;D


It is impossible to die with this build, let me know how it goes. >;P
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It may be one of those things where going in a run with a monk might help diagnose what's going on. Given what your gear looks like, you shouldn't have too many problems with MP6. Feel free to add me -- I may not be the best one at doing this, but I can certainly try to take a look.

One typical problem that many non-monks have is not using the buffs properly for snapshotting purposes (while we still have it in 1.0.6). Typically, it should go BoH/BW --> BF/FitL --> SW/Cyclone and then punch away with FoT/TC and cyclones are at max power even after the buffs drop off. From there on in, continue to spam MoC/Overawe every 3s or so to keep the 48% monster defence debuff going.

Look for Raahl's "Lamb to the Slaughter" to find more buffs (to give yourself another 34% buff instead of the BoH/BW buff... although this may not be advised if you are having problems surviving since you may be losing the heal spell.

If you want a tad more survivability, consider using Transcendance in place of Exalted Soul -- this gives 62 LpSS so that each time you spam MoC/Overawe, you get even more life back.
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At a minimum, you need to swap Exalted Soul for something else. You can upkeep your mantra every 3 seconds and activate all your other skills when needed without Exalted Soul. If you're dying too much during melee, try Resolve or The Guardian's Path; if you want to use your cool-down skills and potions more often, try Beacon of Ytar; if you're just dying occasionally, but you feel you could win the fight if you could just hold on a shade longer, try Near Death Experience.

LS is probably the right approach for you. If you swapped an emerald for an amethyst, you'd drop your EDPS by 15% but only increase your sustain by 10%. Unless you're going to look for a new amulet or a different OH weapon, I suppose, your options are limited.

One option to consider is trading Blazing Wrath for something else. If you're spamming Overawe, you're not getting the full benefit of BW's 15% buff because it stacks with Overawe. In your case, it's worth only 10%. Dropping this would lower your EDPS, of course, which would, in turn, lower your sustain. Not by much, mind you, but by a little. (You also lose BW's periodic heal, but this isn't a big deal.) I suggest trying Dashing Strike or Tempest Rush for the added utility, the ability to dictate combat, and the ability to get out of a jam. Dashing Strike takes more time to master but is potentially the better of the two; that said, Tempest Rush has its moments, too. Suggested runes:

DS: Quicksilver (lower spirit cost) or Blinding Speed (20% chance to dodge for 3 seconds)
TR: Slipstream (-25% damage while channeling)

Good luck!
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Basically all your stats are at least a bit higher than mine and i know for a fact that i never die in MP6. Heck, i'm just out of a MP8 uber run where i was alone with a barb and i could tank the ubers no problem.

The one big glaring diff i can see is my LpSS + lifesteal sustain versus your pure lifesteal but then again, that shouldnt be too much of an issue....

I believe that indeed you need more practice with your monk. You should be doing fine.

If you're interested in learning more about LpSS, its this way --> http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7764877056?page=1#2. Might be that the LpSS IS what's keeping me alive in comparison to you after all.
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what do you die to

because most times centre of arcane still gonna kill you standing in fire+molton mite kill you

realy you should be fine and blind is not just a damage buff
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Hey guys, thanks a lot for all the help. I'll be trying out lots of different builds today, and also working on my weak monk skills :-D.
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