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LF Upgrade Advice

I currently have approx 100m to spend for my monk and
http://imageshack.us/a/img812/6817/witchinghour.png that i'm currently trying to sell to fund further monk upgrades.

I would like to get 100k + dps without losing too much survivability so i can solo farm mp6-7 easier for key farming.
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You can hit that pretty easy in your budget. Check out KamelJ's compilation of gearing guides here


You might specifically then post on Piffle and Nameless' threads as they are the acknowledged gurus on gearing within budgets, though your budget and starting point means you won't have any problem at all. In fact, you might as well target slightly higher survivability (e.g. same armor/AR but +5k HP) as that's a bigger driver of 'farming' for keys and doing Ubers. 100k dps is enough for most coop play on higher MPs

Oops, I was going to suggest 1 or 2 places to start, as I noticed your CC is very low so I saw your ammy and gloves both have no CC. To increase DPS you'll need to raise CC (and this will help your cyclones, I think actually you are too low CC to use cyclone relative to Bladestorm rune). But then I saw replacing those two will crush your HP. So I think it means you may need to do pretty substantial regearing to find Vit elsewhere. Your sustain seems OK but not great for higher MPs at 650 LOH and 60LPSS. Rather than get LOH on your jewelry, you might consider the LPSS approach to sustain. I saw KamelJ's thread includes a LPSS gearing guide, you can post there directly and get guidance on, for instance, whether to change your helm to Inna's with LPSS, or whether the passive with your LOH is enough for now
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As crushkyle said getting your cc up will be a huge increase to your dps, especially with your awesome attack speed.
Having said that, I think you could get a healthy Dex, Vit and armor upgrade for a decent price in a nice new Vile Ward.

And correct me if I am wrong, but is the move speed on the Lacunis a bit moot given you have 24% between boots & pants? If so you can probably get a nice pair with high Dex, Vit, Resist with some CC. If you really want the extra mpseed, our 10% passive is pretty nice.
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Huge thanks to Silver32, helped with me with all my goals.
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