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oops sorry my fault for starting that, but wouldnt that have brought about a forum ban as well
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02/13/2013 07:43 AMPosted by jenpeezey
Getting those people to think about why they downvoted you is a waste of your time. That's /r/diablo for you.

Yeah, but I did get a lot of good responses after asking, which was my goal all along. So mission = accomplished. :)

By the way, still waiting for those "top 5 awesome Wizard threads that Lylirra should read." Don't let me down now!
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Post here or make a new topic that says, "Top 5 awesome threads for Lylirra"???
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02/13/2013 12:32 PMPosted by Lylirra
By the way, still waiting for those "top 5 awesome Wizard threads that Lylirra should read." Don't let me down now!


http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004692655?page=1 may have missed your eye's
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Oddly enough, I haven't seen any suggestions to the CMs/ devs about ways to address Wizard's inherent vulnerability while channeling secondary spells. Here are a few ideas that would help to address this.

  • Disintegrate: Disintegrate returns 1% of damage done to the player as life.
  • Arcane Torrent: Arcane Torrent shields the player with arcane energy, reducing missile damage by 40% and giving a 20% to completely reflect enemy missiles.
  • Ray of Frost: Chill the air around the effect, reducing the movement speed and attack speed of all enemies within 7 yards by 30%. (damage/ slow for primary target for beam variants and all monsters within Sleet Storm AoE remain unchanged)
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    Just stop nerfing cm. it's absurd how much you've put the wizard community through without addressing serious problems with our class.
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    02/14/2013 09:57 PMPosted by JellzRoc
    Just stop nerfing cm. it's absurd how much you've put the wizard community through without addressing serious problems with our class.

    at the very least please create new viable builds
    all of the secondary spells are very inefficient and the number tweaks arent gettin it done
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    really: issue with channeling spells

    a) double length. ie: 160 yd length. that way you can channel offscreen (ray of frost. disintegrate)

    b) shielding effect 30% to 50% more mitigation. (arcane torrent). maybe for death blossom, you get a further total immunity to melee damage. (but not for ground effects, stand and channel, you either start eating ground effects, or you instantly die once you are forced to move (frozen).

    arcane torrent splash damage needs to be meteor sized. meteor's meteors need to be like morlu incinerator sized.

    c) short ranged signature spells (double the length) like all the non living lightning, shock pulse runes.
    thereafter to make magic missile attractive, change it to automatic seeker missile behaviour. change seeker missile itself to fire off another shot once it hits a target. (double missile)

    double the loh procs . ie: CM procs = normal proc rate, loh is x2 of cm proc rate

    d) wave of force= 4 second cd. change one of them to suck mobs in (teleport wave for example)

    e) proc rate of all none wicked wind (ie: moving twisters) needs to be doubled, and damage significantly more so. (meteor like)

    f) hydra: allow multiple hydras. make mammoth hydra a pet that can follow you.

    h) slow time; moves with caster. (ie: stretch time)

    i) teleport reversal = stupid. change to teleport- vortex: you vortex mobs where you land. also allow it to be cast like worm hole. (or rather, make wormhole behaviour default for all teleport runes)

    j) ice armor: needs huge rework. if its supposed to be the balanced choice between offense (storm) vs defense (prismatic), its neither here nor there. make it have a chance to freeze incoming missiles in place and change its melee damage mitigation to 25%

    k) frost nova: frozen mist: needs work. bigger radius, bigger loh proc.

    l) familiar vigoron/galvanising ward. needs %life based regeneration. flat numbers is just plain silly/ineffective scaling . no one uses anything other than sparkflint anyway. change the others. familiars to have a high rate of fire that procs a high rate of cm procs.

    m) magic weapon conduit = ugh. sucks? how about when you have it, your cost to use channel skills drop to FREE.. (I mean, what are you going to do when channeling? )

    n) mirror image; needs to give wizards the same tactical advantage as smokescreen/serenity in pvp. (a) breaks all cc, and for 4 seconds, immune to all cc. .. also it shouldn't reposition the caster. mirror skin needs to REFLECT the incoming mob damage so that it scales with offensive pvp.

    o) sleet storm needs 80 yd radius. ice armor frozen storm probably needs to proc more.

    p) on kill effects needs to scale with MP. eg: change to each mob you kill gives you a buff that lasts x seconds longer that scales with MP. so witch doctor gruesome feast buff on mp10 might last 5-10 minutes. archon/grave injustice killing 1 mob in mp10 might give a buff that reduces the cd by x number of seconds per second for 3 minutes (lasting way after the expiry of archon itself.

    circle of life might have a buff that on mp10, lasts 5 minutes giving a 30% chance per second to respawn a dog.
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    It makes no sense for them to nerf just cms.crafting made every build more easily obtainable.
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    Here is a small list of changes i'd personally like to see to the Wizard

    - Modify Ice Armor to deal say 35% cold damage to all targets within 8 yrds in addition to the 12% reduced melee dmg.
    - Ice Armor Chilling armor should be increased from 30% to 45% or 60%
    - Ice Armor Jagged Ice should be changed to 135% weapon dmg to all targets in 8 yrds
    - Ice Armor Frozen Storm should proc the whirling storm for 3 seconds every 10sec for the duration of ice armor.

    - Ray of Frost should pierce through targets so it is more usable
    - Arcane Orb needs both a damage increase and a secondary effect such as a vortex effect right before it explodes.
    - Diamond Skin should be a portion of your HP as opposed to a static number.
    - Slow Time should move with the caster or be able to be cast where your cursor is
    - Energy Twister needs its lesser used runes updated, maybe a small proc increase as the twisters move.
    - Archon still needs to be more group friendly, maybe having group kills effect the duration would help

    - Glass Cannon needs to have the -10% armor/resists penalty removed.
    - Galvanizing Ward should be changed from a static 310 life per second to a scaling option such as either a 1% or 2% of your max health regenerated.
    - Blur needs to be changed from -20% melee dmg to -20% all damage

    In general channeled spells need to be improved, the wizard needs to be mobile however we always need to stop to cast everything.

    Finally, please please please update the Tal Rasha's set bonus. As it stands its horrible in its current state. I'd personally like to see it updated to something like this:
    2x - +130 Int
    3x - +6% Fire, +6% Cold, +6% Lightning and +6% Arcane
    4x - 2 Arcane Power per Second, 4 Arcane Power on Crit, +6% Increase Attack Speed
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    While I'm looking at this thread, I'd just like to say one thing about the reddit posts.

    This forum in its entirety has a practically endless quantity of posts that have given all kinds of criticism and suggestions. This forum is where Blizzard employees have a direct way to control what kind of discussion the game may have, both in terms of poster moderation as well as making a decision as to which threads even garner a response.

    I don't post at reddit, and in all other message boards where I do post, reddit is basically seen as a bottom tier community. To an outsider like me, trying to conduct a meaningful discussion about Diablo 3 at reddit seems to be no better than trying to do so at 4chan/v/. It's also bizarre to me that there were more posts by Lylirra in that thread than there have been in several months here.

    Verbose and infrequent posts seem to not be beneficial. I think Blizzard employees would be well served to respond on this forum with more frequency and more direct language, even to the point of grating repetition in the case of certain issues which never cease to be brought up.

    "Yes, we are considering this idea for the future."
    "No, we have no plans to implement that idea at this time."

    Single sentences like these are direct, but not completely committal, which should be easy enough to make both in terms of time and future commitment. When we all see something directly stated like this with enough frequency, we can finally know how to conduct meaningful conversation here.
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    I mean honestly, there is a lot wrong with the Wizard class, it's Primary & Secondary Skills and passives especially.. and Blizzard acknowledges in the Q&A that they have known this for a while(and yet have still done nothing about it). It's really disheartening to hear answers like this from the developer of the game we play... I plan on returning to the Wizard class if/when Blizz ever makes proper changes.
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