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Should Grave Injustice proc on ALL deaths?

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Currently it only procs on enemy deaths.

I mean think about it. At lower MPs this would practically go unnoticed but at higher MP levels where the fights are long and deaths occur less frequently, Grave Injustice looses all value. The only deaths that happen in long fights, is death of you, your pets or teammates. So if it could proc on these deaths, it would be worth something.

Should Grave Injustice proc on all deaths?
All deaths including that of Witch Doctor's own pets and nearby players (and their pets). By pets I mean not just Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan, but also Fetishes and minor pets like Creepers (summoned from Zombie Wall), Lob Blobs (Acid Cloud), Spider Queen. I think that's about it.

The cool-down would have to be triggered on the end of the lifecycle, not on recasting. So Spider queen dies after 15s, at the end of 15s, -1 to all cooldowns. If the player repositions her, then it's not until another 15s that the cooldowns are reduced. There are three Lob Blobs that die after 5 seconds. Three Creepers, also die after 5 I think. Fetishes die after 60 seconds, or a few seconds after when they are summoned, at higher MP. Dogs die pretty often. Gargantuan rarely.

This wouldn't be much, not like CM, but it would give some value to Grave Injustice in higher MP.
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Zero Dogs would be alittle bit easyer too.

Sounds like a great ideal.
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Yeah about 4 seconds easier :). But what I am worried about is that procing GI sacrifice would be pretty OP.

What do you guys think?
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It would be broken for 0dog build. You could have BBV up 100% of the time and perma Paranoia... Way too powerful imo.
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With 4 Dogs dieing every second. BBV cooldown will be reduced to 30 seconds, and Mass Confusion to 15. Perhaps Sacrifice should not count towards Proc on All deaths.

But 0Dog builds are pretty expensive, and even with the reduced CD this is no CM.

What do you think think, should sacrificed pets be included in teh deaths?
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