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Exploding palm - call for support

I think the change for exploding palm from 30% to 50% is the wrong direction for the skill.

I am all for buffing monk spirit spenders, however I think they have missed the reason why so few monks use exploding palm, and why few will use it going forward. It is not that it isn't a good skill, it is just the opportunity cost of having it on your skill par is too high for most.

By the time something dies, everything around it is almost dead anyways (typically). It is very difficult to deal good single target damage (at least for a monk). Changing explosion damage from 30% to 50% really does not do much in many cases.

Ways to make it more useful (could even be runes potentially)
- significant spirit cost reduction, I think 15 spirit would be about right.
- improve damage over time ("double it" lol) - this would help the target die significantly faster than surrounding enemies, making explosion useful. Would this be OP for pvp? Hopefully yes!
- huge increase in aoe radius - how big is it anyways? Seems small to me.
- give monks better single target options, I think monks might have a couple spirit generators that could be tweaked *wink*. Instead of all monks just being aoe beasts with sweeping wind and spirit generators that deal mostly AOEs, you could build a monk with heavy single target damage and use explosions for the AOE (that to me would be a lot of fun)

I know most monks don't care too much about this skill, but I think this skill could really help diversity. Please support this thread, thanks!
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I've used the skill for quite a while now, it's amazing enough as it is. It may be a little situational, but if you duo high MP with a SNS Wiz, then you see the skill shine. It's going to be OP at 50%, imo it really doesn't need anything else done to it to see use.
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I guess that is where we differ in our views. With so few spirit spending options, I don't think one entire skill should be situational. The skill should function well within the class, and not rely on a different class being able to deal high single target damage. If some of the runes were more situational that is fine, but I think it should be universally appealing.
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The skill isn't situational, it just is easier to see it work well when you duo with that particular class, as you have to pay less attention to mob positioning (as they are frozen), it's quite possible to use the skill at high MP solo (though a bit painful with EF).

There is alot wrong with spirit spenders, you're just picking on one that is quite well balanced.
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its spirit cost thats the problem, or if blizz gave us a slightly larger spirit pool, that would also work i think

it kicks !@# in high mp farmin with a cm wiz and a barb, i say this from being the cm wiz or the monk
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If you use the Flesh is Weak rune on it while fighting elites\bosses it becomes a nice 12% damage buff plus the bleed damage. If its an elite that blows @ 30 or 50% its gonna take just about everything in that radius out... With the minion packs, slap this on 2 or 3 of them and it will take a pretty big chunk on out the pack leader...

If you can blow up an uber right next to the other uber...
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Rend can crit. Xploding palm can't. Thanks Blizz.

But I think still Xploding Palm is a great skill. BTW does Flesh is Weak give your teammates 12% more DMG as well?
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Support! I started a couple of threads stating almost exactly the same thing when the PTR went live. Personally, I think increasing the radius is the route to making the skill a viable alternative to sweeping wind, but I agree that your other ideas are also possibilities.

In any event, I expect the skill to go live with the 50% damage increase. I also expect that it will draw more users that way, but it will remain a niche skill. But who knows?

I've been using it at 30% for a long time now, so any buff is a gift to me.
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Yup, the DOT'd mob takes 12% more damage while under the effect. So you slap it on an Elite or Boss and that boss takes 12% more from everyone in the group, not just you.
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For farming I actually liked using the spirit generating rune for exploding palm. The blast noticeably reduces the time spent on each cluster of enemies, and with 5 spirit per enemy caught in it I was able to recover much of the spirit cost.
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I can't count the times I accidentally put it on a reflect damage pack and then frantically spammed Serenity to avoid dying along with it. Managed to die with the serenity icon activated once too!

The skill is already amazing. I'm still trying to train the guys I uber with to make sure the first to die has it on them & is close to the other before finishing him off though.
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In retrospect, ya it isn't that bad. Especially in high MP. I guess I just think there were other ways to improve it that would have made it more useful overall, and not a skill used almost exclusively in high mp.

In the grand scheme of things, there are more pressing issues for monks. It will go live with 50%, and I am sure blizz will monitor its use. I will keep playing around with it, I really want to make it work, but mostly it feels like more trouble than it's worth imo.
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This skill is what initially attracted me to the monk. I loved the exploder necro in d2.

I'm fine with them increasing it to 50%. I would have been just as happy with 30% and more range. Gimme 50% and more range... I'll be over the moon.

Anyway, with the recent snapshot nerf I've revisited the skill as an alternative to BF:FiTL. I could keep that in there but I like dashing strike for getting to elites quickly and BoH:Infused with light keeps it all going.

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