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What's wrong with my zero dog WD?!

View the WD on my profile. He dies over and over to mp8 trash, which is a let down considering the build cost 400m gold alone to put together. What am I missing or where did I go wrong? any help would be appreciated.
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Hey, unfortunately I am on my ipad at work and cant see your gear pieces individually. Some common mistakes with this build are:

No pick up radius - want at least 7
No health globe bonus - want 20k plus
Low All Res- you want at least 700

It seems that your attack speed is good enough with that dagger, make sure you are over 2.0.

Apart from that it does take a lot of practice to get this build working as intended. Also even though sheet dps isnt an accurate measurement of actual dps output, 50k is defintiely on the lower end for this build. Id practice in mp6 and work your way up as you get better gear and more comfortable with the build.

Edit: On second look your armor at 3.1k is on the lower end as well, aim for getting that to closer to 4k. And sorry as i cant see gear, but as obvious as it is does your gear have 34 seconds reduced on it?
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my gear does have 34 second reduction on it. my aps is actually sitting at 2.26. my res all is around 575 right now unbuffed. my int is also under 2k unbuffed. hp about 65k. all res needs to be 700 unbuffed?
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Yes for high mps you heal quickly but you need to be able to take a hit so you want to aim vor 4k armor and 700 res unbuffed. Also as i mentioned before make sure you get a couple pieces with high extra health from potions and health globes. Aim for 20k total, 10k on two seperate pieces.

As a suggestion to get more tanky, id sacrafice the ias on the pants and get a pair of meaty rares along the lines of:

70all res
2 sockets

Then look for armor, pickup, health globe bonus 9k plus as the other stat.
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Ye, If your dps is low its easy to get swarmed by mobs and you will die. Try Frightning aspect for 100% armor. Also try garg( he will take alot of heat away from you and will not die cause of your globes).
You just get 2 out of Frightning aspect/hex/MS/BBV/Garg so test to see whats best for you.
It takes time to learn the zero dog spec.
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This is a link to my 0 dog build and gear.. My personal opinion so take it with a grain of salt.

Need about 1.000 loh (for acid rain heal) and 2.5% ls (for bear & sac heal) for comfortable mp8. Need to get cc too besides aps (crit =more heals with ls). I would say get higher dps weapon if you can.

When i can shoot bear with back against wall/object, i bear. When in an open place or mob at corner i spam sac. For both attack, i throw acid rain as needed. I dont spam sac 24/7 due to constant screen jittering kinda annoying

Acid rain dot dont stack but proc for loh do stack so you can heal quite alot of hp when you stack like 3 rain on pack of mobs. WD proc rate http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7166796695.

This is a link to my 3 sec hybrid dog skorn build. Basically dmg come primarily from bears. Sac is mainly used for full mana as well as torpedo mode. One thing i like bout this build is i no longer have to put up with silly homu gimp dmg.

This build can cruise mp10 thrash as well as elite with ease (need to change bbv to horrify -frightening aspect).
Note the normal as well as crit dmg range between hybrid and 0 dog. Thats all i think of right now. All the best.

One last thing.. you really need truckload of gold for both build lol.
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Just stack more all res/armor.

Drop the innas pants for a ring with some ias so you can stack vit on pants and all res.
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The most important thing you need to get asap is +extra hp from globes.
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02/11/2013 01:32 PMPosted by ROK32951
all res needs to be 700 unbuffed

all resist and armor operate the same except on a 10 = 1 ratio. so if you have 4000 armor, you will want about 400 all resist. If you sacrifice armor in order to get more all resist, you are just shooting yourself in the foot. I find that 600 all resist and 6000 armor is perfectly fine ith 6% life steal on mp10. your healing from final gift and sacrifice should be way more than my healing from LS. And i am fine with only 35k life. My guess is that if you are having problems dying it is because you are probably ignoring armor.
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stream, guide, etc. He will gear check and help you if you catch him online.
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So much bad advice here, I don't even know where to begin.

Necrophobia has the right idea but the wrong way to do it. Innas temperence is what you eventually want for 0 dog. I'd recommend you go for a high vitality set instead of the int set. For the same price as you paid for yours you could have 160 vit on the pants and then gem for the 100 int. The way you did it you only get ~100 int and 100 vit.

B25HLG is talking about composite build where dogs refill mana not health, a 0 dog wd DOES NOT use acid rain or bears. He has a ludicrously good Skorn so I'm sure his build works for him, but it is not what the OP is asking for.

Chadbrochill, you must have 2 sets of gear since you've got 0 LS in your current set. TBH I don't know how you survive mp10 with 35k HP and would bet you're playing with a freeze wiz (or you're running some LoH/freeze Acid Rain build) which is a completely different situation than somebody soloing MP8 trash. I also don't know too many WD who have 10:1 armor:AR ratio. I'd like to have something like 4k armor and 800 AR unbuffed which is 5:1. Maybe a Barbarian with passive armor bonuses and stacking str instead of int could get 10:1...

Gold15 and Ante provided good advice if you're dying. It is a more defensive setup but will get you started.

ImpKing also has some good advice forwarding you to heyguyslol. I'd imagine he's got >10b of gear so you won't be copying him any time soon but its something to shoot for. That said, he knows the build and can probably help you out.

Here is my personal opinion having gone through what you're going through now. Your gear is bad. You have zero business going into mp8 with 50k dps regardless of your build unless you are only there to spawn globes for players with real dps. While not a requirement, I also highly recommend some LS on your MH, it will help with those annoying trash deaths when you get unlucky and don't spawn a globe for a few seconds. To farm mp8 I'd recommend 800+AR, 4k armor, and 100k unbuffed dps. I personally don't solo mp8 to farm because it isn't efficient. I might change that in 1.07 when they buff the exp and add the demonic essences but I'm not certain.

You could go 3 pc zuni set for the 130 int and 55 AR bonuses at the cost of some attack speed. You can get a decent pair of zuni boots with AR for cheap and all Zuni Pox and Marrow's have AR so you could eventually get over 800 going that route. Even better if you get a zuni chest with reduced dmg from elites, ranged, or melee on it. Once you have a solid defensive foundation, then you can start working your attack speed back into the picture and climbing MP levels. Right now for your gear I'd suggest MP5 or find a nice freeze wiz and vengeance DH to play with if you want to play a higher level.

FYI, with scoundrel I'm at 92k dps, 2.15 attacks/sec, 54k life, 3.5k armor, 10% reduced damage vs elites, and 722 AR. These numbers buff to 177k dps and >1000 AR with 5 stacks soul harvest and GF (which is a large percentage of the time). My gear cost approximately 1B gold or so, and I basically stole the chest for a paltry 500k, the helm for 9m, and the ammy for 28m (paid full retail for everything else :). I can solo farm MP10 but it is painful and am far more efficient at mp6 which is where I usually solo. I am trying to get 2.5 attack speed, 4k armor, 800 AR, and 100k+ dps as I suggested to you. Hoping with new crafting I'll be able to get some nice gloves and an amulet, and then hopefully with how good the bracers are the price on a good set of Lacunis will drop so I can upgrade mine to some with some CC.
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I think silentmike misunderstood what I wrote. What I was trying to say is that the game says that 10 armor = 1 all resist. Since they give the same defensive value (damage reduction %), you ideally want them to be at a 10 to 1 ratio to get the maximum benefits for the cost of your gear. to illustrate:

If you increase your armor from 3000 to 4000, then your damage reduction should increase from, lets say, 50% to 60% (i'm guessing at the numbers at the moment since i'm not in game). This is a 10% increase in damage reduction. If you were increasing your all resist from 300 to 400 then you would get the exact same increase to damage reduction (both cases = +10%). BUT, if you increase your all resist from 800 to 900, you would go from, lets say, 76% to 80%, which is only a 4% increase in damage reduction. so in 1 case, you gain 10% by adding 100 all resist, and in the other case you only gain 4% by adding THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF ALL RESIST.

That is why if you are not at a 10 to 1 ratio, you want to increase your lower one (your armor) first (if possible). Armor is very hard to get but it is very important. But silentmike was correct about my gear. I do have a second set for running high MP. It is a life steal skorn. I also switch a passive to jungle fortitude. it is just stupid how great that passive is for keeping a WD alive. Before changing your gear, just test out that passive. I know it is basically impossible to work it into a 0dog build, but try it. You might be pleasantly surprised.
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B25HLG is talking about composite build where dogs refill mana not health, a 0 dog wd DOES NOT use acid rain or bears. He has a ludicrously good Skorn so I'm sure his build works for him, but it is not what the OP is asking for.

He is right about true 0 dog refill health not mana and what I posted is not what you are asking for. I should've made myself clearer.

So initially I run original version of 0 dog where dog refill health and primary dmg comes from spam sac (hold down sac button, mesh summon) standing in the middle of the mob.

For me I get serious headache doing that for 1 hour due to non stop screen jittering. Maybe my eyes are weak I dont know. If you are fine with that then its all good and dandy.

From my personal exp again, spam sac is not really welcomed in a party of four. I have quite a few people complaining bout their pc fps drop when i do that.
Not sure if their pc/graphic card is weak or blizz coding for sac is not optimal. I can tell you for sure spam sac wd is the least a perm frost cm wiz want in their barb+wiz combo party.
If you usually play solo then just ignore this section.

You can hold down summon and provide unlimited health globes for pt members. So far this feature is only requested by mid geared players.. Those mid to high geared player with decent skill dont really need this.. esp barb+perm frost cm wiz key party/uber.

Just thought of letting you know what could be ahead based on my personal exp before you seriously commit original 0 dog build. Not saying what I said is the absolute truth. Cheers
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