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"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7 - Answers

Andrew: Trading is certainly super important, but I wouldn’t say the game is based on trading. Diablo III is about killing monsters and finding evermore powerful enemies and items to kill them with. Trading is just one method by which players can obtain items, and the Auction House is currently the most popular way to do that. We feel that gearing up is perhaps too skewed towards trading right now, and account-bound items are a way of balancing that out with farming.

We don’t really like that, for most players, all of your current gear is very likely to be something you’ve found on the Auction House. This can create a situation where it doesn’t feel like you "own" the gear you’ve obtained; instead, it feels like you are renting it. This is one of the big draws of making items account-bound. We also need more end game item and gold sinks, and making something account bound permanently "removes" those items from the game. Having gear (or gems) that feels like you own it forever is good for you, and removing a lot of things from the economy is good for the game.

Both paragraphs literally made me facepalm.

Until they make the next higher tier gem or create stronger end-game items.I'm not interested in *permanently owning* anything,removing the ability to trade or barter items is against the concept of Diablo itself,and won't be using it.If your current gear is most likely found on the AH,maybe you should remove the AH and/or have better rolls on items..

But you also say it diminishes the impact the AH has on the game,in which case I'll have to say I've made a couple hundred Hellfire rings hoping for something better than what I purchased off GAH to no avail.I don't forsee these new crafts any better.Don't get me wrong it maybe fun for a short while until people realize the terrible "RNG" factor.Your crafting system is definitely not an end-game mechanic as most people would rather farm for their items after experiencing your RNG in crafting.
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People need to stop using the word "free" we shouldn't have to pay for anything aside from items to feed their pockets.

We bought a game, the game has flaws, we shouldn't have to pay to have these flaws fixed- fix the flaws blizzard. Stop ignoring the community and just doing things your own way; you don't know what's best- clearly. You've been !@#$ing up, fixing some things and then %^-*ing up again. Start talking to the community and getting them involved with the game.
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Haters wanna hate...lovers wanna love...I don't even want, none of the above, I want to...
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01/25/2013 09:37 AMPosted by PantlessKrab
Couldn't be less excited. Any questions they answer will simply prove to be one big feed bag for trolls.

My initial predictions confirmed. I should start playing the lottery, like today...
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02/12/2013 01:03 PMPosted by NoTime2BLEED
I find the community on Blizzard games to be so humorous. So many fanboys turned off WoW or came back from League of Legends for one minute just to scrutinize the dev team on every level. JW is gone, and you can be sure there's inner turmoil over this game/franchise at the moment. That being said, it's still under a year from release and I am OVERWHELMED by excitement to try this patch out. The crafting system gives me something to do rather than waiting for ridiculous drops while I do monster power questing. I don't even mind if this game dies a little bit more. By the looks of it, the only cancer to this game are all of the negative nancies who want to shed light on what hasn't been fixed rather than look at the advantages of these updates. However, I do see some validity through the tears about Monks, but with that being said, go play another class. I rolled Witch Doctor from launch and re-rolled to Barbarian at level 71 paragon. Guess what? The game still remains fun for me. Sad, sad, sad, spoiled children. QQ. Thanks Blizz!

It can be a better game. It's been so long since it came out yet it's still on the same level of mediocrity. They also promised to make D3 a better game. It's probably incrementally better and not up to it's full potential. You can only think positive for so long until you realize they're just recycling the same idea patch after patch.
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why not allow random pvp games, much like queueing into a public arena or battleground in wow?

i don't want to have to party up, find friends to play, etc. sometime it's just nice to log on, pvp, and leave on your own schedule without the hassle of setting up a party.
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02/12/2013 01:17 PMPosted by clickhack
We bought a game, the game has flaws, we shouldn't have to pay to have these flaws fixed- fix the flaws blizzard. Stop ignoring the community and just doing things your own way; you don't know what's best- clearly. You've been !@#$ing up, fixing some things and then %^-*ing up again. Start talking to the community and getting them involved with the game.

How about you starting to speak in a mannered way first. People tend to stop listen to your feedback if you are insulting them first...
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02/12/2013 01:28 PMPosted by TopStock
How about you starting to speak in a mannered way first. People tend to stop listen to your feedback if you are insulting them first...

they insult us constantly with these jokehead design choices

Oh, yeah.

I bet they are just sitting there and think: "What could TopStock #1197 really like? - Yeah, got it. We're not doing it. I bet he feels pretty insulted now. Lets wait for his Forum post!"

Only because YOU don't like them it doesn't not mean that they are not great for anyone else.
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Hi Devs!
Just a quick one, did you ever play Diablo 2? If you do, wtf is wrong with you? If you dont, why they hire you?

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After thoroughly reading the Q&A posted today, frankly, I was disheartened at the responses given. I felt that the responses given to the questions chosen weren't direct, or in some cases gave off the message "We know a lot of people are asking for this, but we're not going to do it anyways." Normally I would close the window and go back to mindlessly farming, but the more I thought about it, the more frustrated I became knowing that these changes aren't even on the table. I'm going to break down each point that I came across:

We even discussed adding ears for players to collect after they'd slaughtered their opponents, and whether that type of "reward" could exist as items or as an ever-growing counter in the UI.

After all those discussions, though, we always came back to the same principle: brawling is a simple, straightforward way to knock your friends and/or enemies into next week. That's it. No rewards, no objectives, no scores.

A small annoyance, but really, I would like to know what the argument was to omit ears from brawls. This is no way gives any player an advantage, nor is it on a public record anywhere for anyone to see. The most that can come from it is a chuckle when linking said ear in a game or to a friend for a "yeah buddy, I killed ya and this is my token" moment.

Another issue that I'm surprised hasn't been touched on is the player limit of 4 in brawls. For the PvE part of the game, I'm fine with the 4 player cap, but 8 people in duels in d2 meant more variety.

Our UI is rather crowded, too, so any additions to it are tricky to add for any purposes, not just betting.

I'm not going to regard the context of this quote (a betting system on duels), but honestly, you think that the UI is crowded? How? Where? Do you mean those 5 buff icons on the bottom? The ones that force my WotB to get knocked off and have the timer bug out? The same one where I can't see what buff is affecting my character, so I have to forcibly open my character sheet to look at my DPS? Doing that seems to add more clutter.

You're not creating an apple product. Stow the idea of a "clean UI" when its cost is efficiency and information. As I look at it now, I don't see any issues with UI clutter, and I have yet to see one person complain about it.

...is the possibility of allowing players to identify what kind of experience they’re looking for when entering Public Games by using "tags." So, in addition to selecting your MP and Quest, you could also hypothetically select your "Game Type," and "Brawling" could certainly be one of the types we make available.

I like that you're working on it and thinking of ideas to try to make it easier to find games for what players are looking for.. but you can do just one thing and it would solve every complaint about not finding games, about not having anything to do, about being sick of either looking at your character, the AH, or listening to the followers babble on. You already know what I'm going to say - Custom Games. And on a related note, once a player beats inferno, ditch the quest requirement for games if the last quest is selected. Make all bosses spawn, and get rid of story themed events, cross act WPs. There,

A2 BC Mines duels
A1 FoM duelz
Jewelry Trades
Newb WW barb help

You see where I'm going with this.

(we were paying pretty close attention to how people were finding one another on the PTR and think players were doing just fine)

I hate to poke a hole in this eager logic, but the people that are finding these games are doing so because they are FORCED to do this in order to PvP. And many of the people on the PTR are there mainly for that aspect of the patch, so of course there's going to be many people looking for pvp. Wait a month or two after the release of the patch and tell me if people are really impressed with this "ability" to find pvp games.

There are just too many variables that could wreak havoc during a duel: non-PvP friendly geometry, events, scripted sequences, monsters, level-up effects, portals, etc.

For example: What if someone duels a player while they have Leah (or another hireling) as a follower? What if someone accidentally clicks on an NPC and opens up a dialogue window or a vendor screen? What happens when someone transitions through a portal or to a new zone?

This one made me LOL. Most of these things were in D2 PvP and it all worked flawlessly. The terrain was filled with areas you couldn't walk on, or you would get stuck on, there were monsters that you would just kill (assuming brawls/duels/whatever you want to call it would be on MP0, you can do the same in D3), people had mercs in duels, and some people thought it was bad manner. If thats the case, i'd just use my merc. Easy! Don't want Tyreal or Leah? Make the game on a quest that doesn't have them as a follower.

A trade window or text comes up?..... you hit space bar... You can't be serious here. When would one come up anyways? I rarely see random merchants sitting around in the middle of nowhere. If a portal to another zone comes into play, so what? You follow the player who risks running into mobs (their decision), or sit and gloat at the chicken who ran.

Simple fixes. Simple logic.

Sure, we could try to make accommodations for dueling to assist with each and every of these situations, but not only would those changes require a significant time and resource investment, they'd also have to be flawlessly integrated into the main game world.

How? I think I explained a good chunk of solutions to "what could go wrong." Are you really going to say that you need ~500 hours of dev time to make these changes?

And please, please, please stop with this excuse "these changes would take too much time and resources." That translates to "we don't take this aspect of the game seriously, so we're going to make a bandaid fix on it while distracting you with other things that will either excite you or upset you." I would love to work somewhere where i can simply just say "nah lol that'd take too much work, tell them we're not gonna do it, and don't apologize for anything."

Diablo III is about killing monsters and finding evermore powerful enemies and items to kill them with. Trading is just one method by which players can obtain items, and the Auction House is currently the most popular way to do that.

I'm pretty sure they guy that said this doesn't even play this game.

We love that players are able to remove gems from sockets in Diablo III, as it helps provide more flexibility as you gear up rather than locking you to single choice.


In all honesty, I wish the cost to remove the lower tier gems was much higher, more in line with the cost of the Marquise gem. We would prefer players to be crafting new gems of all types rather than just shuffling them around

On another note, Bnet 2.0 is a complete downgrade from Bnet 1.0. I know its been said a million times, but I have never seen a blue acknowledge it. Please, for the love of everything lovely, do NOT add the fake little chatbox chat rooms from SC2. What happened to the chat rooms like in D2, or in WC3. Those operated perfectly. you could create rooms for your friends to talk to each other all at the same time. As it is right now, even if more than one of my friends is playing, I cant actively and efficiently talk to both of them at the same time. its tedious, especially if i have to say the same thing to the both of them. Hell, Bnet 1.0 even had /friends message (to message all your friends online) and no one seemed to rage over that they way they do with the lack of the social lobby/chat rooms.

You could click on someone in the channel and view their profile right from there. They had gear to show off, levels, icons, portraits. Where did this all go? I cannot even fathom why this was abandoned in this game.

If this Q&A is supposed to be a step in the right direction, make that direction for the BETTERING OF THE GAME. Don't use it as a defense to claim asinine reasons why you refuse to create a better game.
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I have a suggestion on a way to allow players to select auto-pairing. Enter the dueling zone and start with a rating, just use the elo rating system found in chess and several other games/sports. Then match players based on their rating which is a point system relative to those they have battled, irregardless of class, gear, gold, build. Its just win loss. Win gains points, loss loses obviously but its scaled. A player gains less for beating a lower player and more for beating a higher rated player etc. These point mean nothing other than to auto match ppl in a matter of seconds, closest to own rating level. A player could opt for this if they prefer not to communicate, or speak a different language. ^^
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02/12/2013 01:06 PMPosted by Softwerker
Exactly my point. If the new items are BiS why would I worry with anything else? I would just farm loot/AH/gold until I could craft the best item available to me for that slot instead of wasting time getting inferior gear.

The crafting costs are pretty high and the chance of a high quality item pretty low. As you have to farm the essences anyway - why not combine your gear with dropped stuf and craftables. It might take a lot of trys to create a really great item.

You're still wasting gold on items you are going to switch out anyway. The game has no level requirement on gear so at a certain point it is worthless to get anything less than BiS(or close to it) for your class. That point being when you are making ridiculous amounts of gold on the ah. All they did was shift where you get your items. Nothing has changed and thus is not better.
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I think Nelson said it best " HAHA " http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDtSf9pseOw
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What makes you think you have the right to say whats fun or not? Your idea of fun has gotten hundreds of thousands of people to quit this game. When you say lasting appeal was not there did you say that with remembrance of Diablo 2? Because I'm sure you thought it wasn't there either, but PvP was the reason I played and thousands of other people played that game. If you look what you have out now, its just a game that you play over and over, if you added anything it will instantly become more fun.
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I feel like Chris Farley in his "my life sucks" part in Tommy Boy. After reading the Q&A, I want to ram my head into a bridge abutment.
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Question: In diablo 2 we were able to set SAFE teleports in case we were to die and didnt have to walk Alllllll the way back. So are you guys planning on implementing something as to were we can set safe teleports at like the end of a cave ect. so we dont have to Run all the way back if we die ?
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