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Need Weapon Advice

Hello fellow monks,

My name is Pax and i'm looking for weapon advice! It has come to my attention while gearing I am completely CHD starved, and I am looking to replace my Echoing Fury. I have about a 12 mil budget, but i'm not sure what exactly I should get for my 12 mil.

I know on this new weapon I need lifesteal, CHD, and a socket, but I do not know at what dps / CHD will a new weapon out dps an no socket EF with 1150 dps and +.22 attacks per second. I am afraid im going to buy some 850 dps weapon with CHD and a socket and not really gain any damage.

So what stats should I be looking for on a 12 million budget? All advice is welcome. (Also worth nothing, the amulet on my profile is my farming amulet, and I have one with CC/CHD. Mentioning this just because I figure a lot of people would say that the ammy needs to be replaced, but I have one its just not equiped atm)
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If I could suggest, I would also say that avg damage does much more than it can seem. Regarding switching your rare ring, I currently see ones on the ah with 6% CC, 25%+ CD, 60+ dex and avg damage for 800k-3mil. it may also be possible to swap one of these out with nat's ring (as I think nat's ring shines most when it has CD or CC to accompany the bonus). I also wanted to point out that there is a unity unique ring on the ah right now for 2.6 mil with 187 dex and high avg dmg along with the loh and 4.5% CC, and i think those make a great low-cost choice to buff up a mid-tier character.

I know there may be a danger here since your rare ring has such great AR (and I had one myself just like it), but I found that because it is just so hard to even find rings/amulets with the proper arrangement of dps stats for a decent price that I try not to need defensive stats on jewelery at all.

Weapon wise, I'm in the same boat as you ;) I don't think there's any cheap way out of that one.
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I really do like that rare ring just simply because it has CC/CHD and all resist, but on top of that, it has 19 freaking MF! Personally, I just can't play this game without getting drops, so I like to roll around with at least 300 MF.

However I would really like to focus on replacing the EF. I only spend like 3 mil on it if i remember correctly, and theres gotta be something worth 12 I can replace it with.
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Hi Pax,

Have you looked at an EF with lifesteal and an open socket? That may be an easy way to add more CHD. Echoing Furies with LS, CHD and OS are very expensive and may be a bit over budget. Plus, an EF with all those stats and high damage is basically an end-game weapon.
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The problem is, even Life Steal and a socket make them expensive (out of my 12m budget), and even the ones that are under 12 mil have sub 850 dps, and none of them have dex. I believe they're all int.
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Hi Pax,

A poison resist witching hour will probably add 12k dps to your toon.


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Hmmmm, thats a tough one Pax! Was there any reason you were thinking of upgrading your weapon? Is it only because your CHD could be a lot higher? There may be different ways you could achieve more dps, while leaving the weapon upgrade til a little later on.
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It's going to be hard to find a weapon that has LS and is a significant upgrade in DPS on the AH for only 12m. Generally, search for Dex,CD,OS and LS. See wheat you can find. I found a few that you might bid for that could get you 1K to 3K DPS, probably. I'd only spend that for that small an increase if you really didn't like fear effect.

Also keep a look out for weapons with LS,200+ Dex,80+ CD and no open socket. Sometimes really good weapons like that pop up fairly cheaply. You can also try looking for LoH instead of LS because that can sometimes save yo money as well.

If you're looking for a cheap DPS upgrade, Tal Rasha's chest with Dex and either armor or your resist can be a boost. Just make sure you get a high enough vit roll (70+) and more armor than your current Inna's chest and you may not even lose EHP.

As others have said, average damage on rings (like 30+ avg damage) is a great stat wor dual wielders. Look for that on your rings.
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I did actually take Snazzys advice and picked up a Witching Hour. Has some dex, 9 AS , 41 CHD and 53 poison resist.

While it did give me 10.5k DPS for what I feel was a negligible AR / life reduction, it still doesn't solve my inevitable weapon problem.

Essentially what im looking for is at what point would a weapon be considered an upgrade over my EF? What combination of socket + CHD + weapon damage would it be worth investing in.

Thanks to everyone who has posted so far, your opinions / advice are very helpful to me and others who peruse these forums.
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When DW, for pure DPS/gold, EF is very very hard to beat. If you add LS as a requirement, your budget is way too small. But in general when trying to understand how different combo's of gear affixes or any particular gear affects your DPS, use Vrkhrz' spreadsheet, which I think is easier to use than the on-line ones because you can store so many possible items. This should allow you to answer your own question of say trading off socket vs Dex vs EF's +attack speed. Good luck

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