Diablo® III

Looking to get MP10 Capable

I can currently solo mp8 as is, every elite seems to give me 40k repair bills though.

DPS is 80.5k unbuffed, but with Combination Strike + Deadly Reach (last rune) buff, I'm sitting at 107k.
AR sit at 617 with OWE
MS is at 24%
LOH is sitting a little over 1500 thanks to both weapons
CC - 39.5%
CD - 262%
Armor - 4.7k with STE

My skills are:
Mantra of Conviction: Overawe
Serenity: Ascension
Exploding Palm: The Flesh is Weak
Sweeping Winds: Cyclone
Thunderclap: Lightning Flash (Helps me survive better)
Deadly Reach: Foresight

Passives are:
One With Everything
Seize The Initiative
Combination Strike

Of course, I'd like to be able to solo mp10, but that's rather optimistic. I feel it's better to aim high and fall short and aim short and fall even shorter. My budget is practically 0, but I can farm well enough on lower monster powers so getting money isn't an issue, but as a casual player (10-30 hours a week) I'm not going to be making 50 million over night.

I know what all needs upgrading, but I'm not sure where to start. I figured Nat boots/rings would be best, but my dps isn't really doing me much if I can't survive.

Any help would be appreciated!

This is my Monk.
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Feel free to add me in game to talk in real time, Agahnim#1937
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You got a good base to work with. You just need a little more of everything to be MP10 ready.

Only thing I can see that's missing is LS (life steal).

LoH is good. Just try to maintain it until your DPS and LS make it unnecessary.

Try to keep your armor above 5k. Eventually through upgrades work STI out of your passives.

Your res is good. More is better, shoot for the 700s. I'd keep OWE as a passive. Just makes gear cheaper until you reach the point of true end game gear.

Your HP looks okay, but 50K along with the additional armor and res will knock those repair bills down a lot.

Keep working in more IAS, CC, and CD to get that DPS into the 100K+ range. LS will make a big difference then.

P.S. I personally have two set of gear. My xp/loot farm gear with pickup radius and MS, and my MP10/Uber gear with no MS. I'm broke most of the time too. I found that dropping that MS makes it way easier to get upgrades. Someday maybe my farm gear will get good enough for MP10. Until then I'll walk my butt around the high MPs with my slow 100K DPS, 1M EHP suit.
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Do you mind if I add you in-game and ask you a couple questions about your setup?
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I just added you. I mostly just have time to play on the weekends at night. If I'm on feel free to pick my brain for info.
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Very useful stuff here





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