Diablo® III

how much is the barb worth above you.

@reflux 300m+? im not sure on the price for that ls skorn but i hear they go for lots
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I'm going to say 750 mil? gen
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I say about 250m-300m
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I say around 1.2b
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Holy crap. I'd say around a 1bil as well.
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Guessing about 100M...
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@ ColdKnight

Nice Barb, your into the couple of billions after it is all said and done. Guessing 4-5, am I close?
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About 3bil in all. Got some good deals, or at least I like to think so :)

Dude your gear is sick! I honestly lost count looking at your equipment... Near perfect rolls on most of your stuff. That is some awesome gear, man. The stormshield or the soj I'm guessing were the lowest priced items in your gear set. Guessing 10 bil+

You got to be owning the ptr pvp with that set up. Wondering why you didn't go with a witching hour since you have so much ehp?
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2.5 billion or so. Good EHP and DPS great job man. Your weapon combo is aces man.
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@rcchris nice set up overall def like 1.3b+ nice set of innas btw
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@Reflux -- 250-300 million
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Sorry, i already got my pants :D
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@Greywolf sir, 200-400m
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@Zero 1-3b?
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1.5b ^ celanian
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@trix 50mill> idk
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@Chato 100-200mil-ish
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I really suck at this, around 1 billion???
Edit: I think 1 billion is too low.
I just find other's people gear overwhelmingly godly (is that gramatically correct?).
Rate mine, I want to laugh. (also want to check if what I payed for mine is worth it) :P
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