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New (hopefully) idea for spirit generation

I hope this is original, although with so many talented monk players around, it might not be:

The problem with the monk resource model seems to be that it's not different enough from the Barb's and DH's. Since all three gain resource through attacking, it's natural enough to compare them against each other, and the monk comes off as 2nd-best when you do. It doesn't play "differently from," but "worse than."

On the other hand, I think we do want to preserve the kung-fu kick-a$$ nature of the class concept, so we don't necessarily want something like the Wizard or Witch Doctor have, either; it just wouldn't feel right.

What if Spirit regenerated slowly over time (say, 1/sec.), but you could increase the rate of regen by attacking? E.g. each attack bumps the regen rate by +0.1/sec; each second that passes with no punching also changes it, by -0.1/sec (the numbers are place-holders and would change with testing/balancing). The primary attack powers wouldn't generate a fixed amount of spirit, but using them would still affect your spirit regen rate.

I was on the can when this came to me, so it may actually be sh!t, but what do you think?
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ive gotten up to 18 passive spirit regen per sec on my monk. you just got to gear for it.

also with a little tweek to my build I can get over 60 spirit regen per sec while attacking.
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what mp ubers can you handle chuck with that setup im sorry but gimping your entire gear set for it is a joke but wateva people gonna be blind
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Im not using my alts for any kind of pve, I just wanted to point out that monk does currently have options for spirit regen both passive and active. Also before you judge me as blind keep in mind I spent less than 10mil on gearing my monk up untill today (decided to buy a few upgrades today). I was able to do mp10 though in group. if I switch the shield with sledge fist I can keep the whole screen perma cc'ed with cyclone strike and tc.

I do think monks would benefit greatly for pvp by dropping some dps for more spirit regen and some ehp for cc. I was able to kill p100 barb in duel a few times with just 23k dps and 25k hp.
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