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Monk experts, give advice please!

So I've got what I consider a pretty decent monk, but I've hit a serious wall on knowing what to upgrade. I know I still have a long way to go, but only have like 6 mil at the moment...where can I get the most improvement for reasonable cost and what should I focus on to get that DPS up without sacrificing survivability? Thanks in advance.
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First let me say I am no expert, that's why there's no guide under my name :) I presume you are looking to grow DPS for higher MPs? If so, as I looked at your toon I wondering if you find your sustain an issue, having only 400 LOH modest APS. That might then be more an issue for playing high MPs than your DPS. I guess your high HP makes up for it a lot?

What stands out in your monk is the somewhat lower total Dex. And it's largely due to the Blackthorne's you're using. Using rares there would can get you both high Dex and Vit (tho not as much HP as you're getting now). For your budget though, I don't think you can get dual resists.

If you do want more sustain, maybe your budget allows a 2H with LS, but given the natural crit in your GF, you may actually lose DPS. A lot of the real experts don't have time to hit new threads, so maybe also post on their threads? Guys like Piffle, Nameless, Druin. You can find their threads here
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u can get a cheap skate boost (no need to buy anything new) by tweaking the skills u use

deadly reach (foresight) can give u an 18% DPS boost
way of hundred fists (blazing fists) can give u 15% IAS

use BOTH of those, u would quality for further 16% DPS boost by using Combo Strike (i would replace Resolve).

this is my build, not saying its for everyone, but can give u a 49% DPS boost PLUS the boost from 15% IAS. and that doesnt even factor in the debuff on enemies from MoC Overawe.

One glaring difference is I have a lot less HP than you, but a lot more AR (which means Im not reliant on OwE) and I dual wield (and both weaps have LS).
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You gear looks really solid, except your weapon.
If you want to keep using a 2hander definitely get one with Lifesteal, LoH sucks with 2handers due to the low attackspeed.
But since your budget is to low to get a good Skorn with LS, look for Warmongers they are dirt cheap and have natural LS. http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/warmonger
This should give you a great survivability boost but you might loose some dps

I dont see anything else that would be a decent upgrade for less than 6 mil.

If you get more gold you should try getting the Innas 2 Piece Bonus.

There are 2 ways I would reommend, the defensiv one with Blackthornes chest+Inna Helm+Inna Pants and maybe the Blackthornes Amulet for extra Vit.
The other one is more offensive with Andariels or Mempo(if you are rich)+Innas Chest+Innas Pants, Andariels is great for poison monks but the Problem with this Build is you are forced to get really good Innas pieces with high vit or Resist and those are really expensive.
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Thanks guy all seems like great advice. The gear I'm currently wearing that you critiqued is a bit of an experimental thing, not my usual. I think I may be taking a break from Diablo I've really lost interest over the past week or so, but if/when I come back I'll look into your suggestions.
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new vile wards, new chest dual resist rings/ammy/better % on them for more dps/survivability. Your chest is a very low dex value your vile ward is half decent but on the lowish end of dex. You can easily add another 200+ dex with just those 2 changes, but doubt for under 6m.

New inna's pants as well, on the low end dex value wise limiting your dps as well, they should drop in price or i would expect some of the set stuff to drop in price sometime after the patch, except for the high end !@#$.

Since your using 2 spirit generators with combination strike maybe focus on ias a bit more in your build if possible as well, works better with the dual weild bonus. Can be a bother keeping blazing fists up, not sure of your attacks per second. The wkl isn't realizing its full potential without a spirit generator that uses lightning like fot thunderclap, i know limited skills to use though... I'd maybe toss out foresight if you inted to use combination strike with the wkl, the difference will remain roughly the same since your lightning based perhaps a little more dps overall. With fot thunderclap, it helps teleport you to mobs/boxes/barrels/(tables?) anything that'll reset the counter for sw and when searching for mobs in corridors without the 4 piece bonus of inna's set its hard to sustain sw cyclone, making you have that much less spirit/less time for overawe spam.
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thanks nicfit...I typically use FoT I've been swapping gear and skills in and out a bunch just kind of experimenting. I dont mind saving up if I can't upgrade for under 6 mil, actually I would sorta hope I cant upgrade much for 6 mil at this point. Just hoping for some direction so I know what Im saving up for. Dont usually use the Blackthorne I have a decent dual resist chest with much more dex on it.
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