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I love the look of the BK set

I'm obviously not investing in a BK Set just to try it out. I use to have a 1092 dps solemn vow with open socket that with a good rolled Warrior Blood I see no reason why I couldnt do it.
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O and you can look at peoples profile by clicking VIEW PROFILE under their name.
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Gotta love this community... even the so-called leaders of it ignore the OPs post in favor of stroking their egos about whether he can or cannot do what he's claiming.

Milk, your gear is actually decent, but one poster was correct in saying you do not have enough IAS. Your crit hit damage, chance, and strength are all good, but your lack of IAS hurting. I hate to agree but you will eventually have to ditch your BK set. Yours are pretty good as far as BKs go if a little low on dps, but a MH axe and EF OH would treat you much better in the long run. Because of your high LoH on other pieces, you can probably afford to get some LS on one wep and then switch to a witching hour belt for more DPS. Good luck.
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@kip, thanks! yeah i actually have a pretty decent EF OH, and probably wouldn't mind spending another 300-400m on a good MH. The general consensus I seem to get out of this thread is that BK set is really not viable for efficient high MP play. I was just really hoping that there are a few BK set users out there that can help me out.

As it is probably pretty evident by now, looks matter a lot to me in my game play. And I'm having a hard time letting go of the BK set (which I think look bad !@#). As a previous poster suggested, I might now look for an alternative way to make things look cool (with axes). I have to sleep on that =).

@Masokaa I see. When I viewed your profile earlier, I couldn't pull anything up for some reason. Maybe due to maitenance. I just misread your post as you've actually tried the BK set and were able to do MP10 Uber. Of course I don't expect you to go out and buy a BK set just to answer my Question =)
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I'm jumping back on this thread to report that I've finally made the hard decision to part w/ my BK set. And the results are very much noticeable.

Soloing MP10 Ubers is a breeze and I'm even able to carry 2 of my friends through them.

For those that are like me and are stuck on the looks of the BK set, I have to say that while I understand you completely, I stand corrected. It is just not as efficient as an Axe/mace/EF setup.
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How do you carry 2 friends? Do you ask them to leave game when they die?
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<---Mighty forever.
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^^ Nice setup, looks kind of old school.
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@milkman, hard to think that Bul-Khatos himself would not be able to do mp10 ubers.
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I use BK set but I think its time to ditch them I hit a DPS wall
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@Shaman, Yes usually I ask my friends to just leave to make it quicker. But I've tested with current setup and am able to kill with +2 in the game, it just takes longer.

I actually took the time to record time with a stopwatch:
11 min 35 secs with me alone
34 min 12 secs with 2 of them dead in the game. (Yes we had to re NV)

*Note this time does not include time it takes to gather the NV stacks.

And I absolutely agree you! Why would a Barb Specific set item not be BiS? I want to wield Mighty Weapons as a Barb!
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03/14/2013 12:16 PMPosted by MilkMan
34 min 12 secs with 2 of them dead in the game. (Yes we had to re NV)

You are a patient, patient man my friend.

I would fall asleep at the wheel and just say hell with MP10...way to stick with it!
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I used to use a BK MH for low MP farming (mighty weapon so good for that) but my biggest problem with the BK set is just that it's insanely overpriced. You will quite literally pay 3-4x what you would for comparable rare weapons if you buy good, high dps with socket BK weapons.
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It was def a grind. And that time didn't even include the time it took to gather the NV and to refresh the NV after 2 Ubers.

Suffice to say we do it the "they leave the game" way nowadays. =)
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I really liked the look of BK Set too, was stubborn and didn't wanna get rid of it at first either. What makes it even more difficult is I am using IK5 for armor, didn't wanna get rid of that either.

Both my BK's where well rolled. Solemn Vow was 1108 weapon dps. I think its a combination of the average damage / Holy damage rolled that makes them mid tier weapons at best, even with near perfect rolls.

I still use the Warriors Blood for off hand, shopping for a rare mace for MH with not much luck. Using D3rawr to calculate my damage i am going to need a real good rolled mace for MH at least 650 - 1250 dps, 150+ str, and 80% CD, socket. Without those rolls for minimums my WB in off hand still beats it with the 95% CD, 6% elite bonus, and 175 str.

Im not interested in an axe for MH with 1.3 attack. Also seems their average damage is lower then what a mace will give you, probably do to the +.10 aps compared with the mace. i really want both weapons at the same speed too, which a 1.2 mace will do with an EF in the OH.

i still have my BK Vow in my stash. Don't think i will ever get rid of them. they are good for low MP farm, but i don't do much of that anymore since 1.07 and the exp increase.

I really wanted to stay away from the cookie cutter Mempo, witching hour, ice climber, EF barb like everyone else, but until Blizz adds new high end equipment, or bumps rolls/damage on existing equipment i guess where all gonna wear the same gear.
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