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Finessing 2H HotA for Speed

So I was goofing around with some HotA builds, and I noticed something I had seen before but couldn't quite duplicate. There was a video a while back that Castablanca posted showing someone use WW to speed up HotA swings. I remembered seeing this in game before, but couldn't quite figure out how/when I had seen it. The problem I have had with reproducing WW/HotA clipping is disconnect and rubberbanding.

A few days ago I saw this happening again in game. I had been using the 'no fury generator' WW build, but instead of WW, I was using HotA. No lag/rubberbanding involved.

Build controls:
Left click: Rend:Bloodlust
Right click: HotA:Thunderstrike
ASDF: WotB, Sprint, Battle rage, OP:Killing Spree
E: Move key

What I was doing -- trying to press the envelope on speed and fury generation with 2H HotA. What this meant was keeping sprint up at all times while spam clicking HotA and intermittent use of hold position. I was using "E" to follow my cursor on the map, and the huge hitboxes of monsters lets you pause for an instant to unload HotA with right click.

What I think is happening -- HotA swing timer is counting down while move key is depressed. When you click the skill, it seems to unload instantly when it is ready, even as you continue to move.

What this feels like -- WW/tornado except your WW ticks are for very high damage and much less frequent. Trash dies fast enough that you don't need to stop moving (need to pick the right MP level).

The essence of this -- Instead of sprint to trash pack --> hota mobs --> sprint to next pack, repeat, try to 'drive by HotA' the monsters. Try to hit them without stopping at all. Treat it like a WW farm where you single pass and let tornadoes and/or rend finish everything off. The difference is you need to spam click HotA to make it fire every time it is ready. If you hold right click, you stop moving, and stay still swinging.

Wrath uptime is good, clear speed is awesome, and it is challenging to play. I've been using this the past few days to do MP7 A3 runs, but only Keeps 2. Keeps 2 has high enough monster count to keep WotB active throughout. The primary downside to this build is being removed in 1.0.7 -- it is very susceptible to stun lock via flinch animation.

After patch, this should be a great build for any area.

I would upload a video of this in action, but I don't have the software and my computer is on the slow side. I bet someone could film this faster -- or maybe this is old news? Anyone have a video of this, or have some tips on making it more efficient?
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Does this actually increase attack speed, or is this just a method to help your movement speed while using HotA? And how do you use rend with it? I'd imagine casting it would slow your down cadence noticeably based on what you've described.
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