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Developers... what are your thoughts and plans to fix, enhance and improve existing itemization mechanics?

Please reference these 1,492 pages of posts if you need further clarification: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/search?q=itemization&f=post
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lol 1492 +1, yours ^^
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They've decided to change the name of 'weapons' to 'Brawling Tools'.
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Developers... what are your thoughts and plans to fix, enhance and improve existing itemization mechanics?

Please reference these 1,492 pages of posts if you need further clarification

You know what this post accomplished? Besides showing off how many skill points you have in "Trolling"........

The fact that "itemization" is a common buzz word people throw around to flame this game on a daily basis.

What I'd like to know is exactly how many people who subsist entirely on found and crafted gear have a problem with "itemization." Seems like most of those people don't have nearly as big a problem with itemization, mainly because they're still working on their characters, whereas the people who shop the AH just hunker down and wonder why buying the best gear for themselves suddenly ruins the game............


You wanna know who thinks "itemization" is a problem? The people who get all their gear from the Auction House, then go out into the field and expect BETTER items to drop. Answer: because if they did, idiot, those items would then ALSO appear on the AH, and we'd be right back to the same problem. Those are the same numbskulls who buy all their gear from the AH, then don't seem to get why Blizzard would include Account Bound items that offer features and rolls that are either different or better than what you can get on the AH. Answer: because Blizzard wants you to have SOMETHING to work toward.

You did see all the mentions of the AH in the Q&A answers, right? RIGHT? The fact that there was an entire section dedicated to them telling players "we don't want people JUST getting their gear from the Auction House."

Or...was that ignored because they didn't discuss stat point allocation and skill trees?

Amazing...this community is just amazing.
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You wanna know who thinks "itemization" is a problem? The people who get all their gear from the Auction House, then go out into the field and expect BETTER items to drop.

I am against both AH's and thus, don't use them, and I have a problem with itemization (99% of stuff I get is crap, with the other 1% being "semi" (just semi, not amazingly) useful).
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When you find 2 storm crows within 30 minutes both relativley terrible for a terrible ish item in general you do realize drops could be improved.

Sure you can blame the ah, but in general without the ah taken into account you find less then 1% that is half decent at best compared to what your geared in. It'd be fine if crafting were worth a damn as you'd have plenty of mats. rng is rng though, take it or leave.
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I think itemization is a terrible problem. It is downheartening to find a really good class weapon with no class skill, eg an exquisite knife with no intelligence, or a bow with no dex. This leads people to the AH.

Bliz understands this now. Hence the ability to specify class affixes for hellfire rings and for some craft items in 1.07.

Further the itemization range and affixes for legendaries is far too broad resulting in a ton of "non-legendary" legendaries. I find 3-5 legendaries a day. (My record is 17.) Of the last 100 found, 99 are brimstone and one is a marginal keep. Some are bad by design. Many just have low and/or unusable affixes due to itemization. In my opinion itemization is one of the major attributes that could be improved by the developers.
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@CardinalMDM isn't about that, it's about the fact that barb weapons with 100 cd, 3.loh roll 260 int.

It's about the fact that iLVL 62 items roll avg dmg of 40-50 (off hand items for wizard/wd).

It's about the fact that some affixes are pure c r a p for the general play of the population.

It's about the fact that even if you have 1000 legendaries/second drop they might all be crap because "RNG IS RNG" and there is nothing they want to do about it.

Look at the random properties on these objects:

Look at the random properties on these objects:

The Grand Father:
One-Hand Damage: (62-87) To (164-474) (113-280.5 Avg)
Two-Hand Damage: (145-203) To (289-649) (217-426 Avg)
Required Level: 81
Required Strength: 189
Required Dexterity: 110
Base Weapon Speed: [5]
+150-250% Enhanced Damage (varies)
+ (2.5 Per Character Level) 2-247 To Maximum Damage (Based On Character Level)
+50% Bonus To Attack Rating
+80 To Life
+20 To All Attributes
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)

The lowest one has 150% dmg, the highest one has 250%. That is all the difference. Look at all the uniques of D2, at all the runewords.

You know when the 2 h Collosus blade drops it will be good. There is still a random but you don't throw it away.

Here if an echo drops it can be 7500E or a brimstone.
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Ah yes, that was very cool when we could dual wield 2H weapons! Man I miss that. I did have a really nice Grandfather drop the other day. 1400 some DPS and really nice stats too!
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I believe Cydea said it best with, "I will not bow to the likes of you!" LOL at you dude, you're the only one who appears troll like here. I was asking an honest question, hoping that others would chime in (which they have), in an attempt to see if we could get some sort of response from Blizzard on the itemization topic. The post wasn't meant to be just for this topic either, it can be anything that anyone would like an answer from Blizzard on. Actually to see if Blizzard would answer the topics that they consistently avoid answering. Here's a good thread you may or may not agree with, what do you think of it? Do you have any suggestions or ideas on how to improve this game, or do you just regularly call people idiots as part of your unconscious coping strategy in an attempt to accept your small phallus size?

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