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World First 100% Achievements!


Well okay, maybe not world first. But! 100% achievements nonetheless! :D

Finally, I have done basically "all there is" to do on Diablo 3.
Congrats to Insect#1546 for finishing along with me and thanks to everyone on the thread below.

Screenshots for proof:



Now before anyone says "You're missing one achievement in hardcore!"
Blizzard broke our achievements (again). Screenshots below showing that all of the checkmarks are there, but the achievement was not rewarded.



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Quitting now?
Wow, great effort!
OMG... I feared that they won't reward "Trophy Hunting" when you checked all Rares except the now removed Rockworms...

Damn... >.<

So we need a fix for a true 100% again...

EDIT: Congratulations for the Achievments, ofc.
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Congrats dude. 92% here myself, still a little bit to go :)
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Nicely done. :D
damn, gratz!
Congrats! :D

I'm 18m away from The 1% which is my last achievement.

In terms of world first though... I think whomever had 4520 achievement points first is the 'world first'. Or maybe even 4490-4510 achievement points since the lyceum/battlefield report/that other book were bugged for so long. 4560 is total, but the 4 achievements have been bugged since day 1. If you drag back in the forums there were achievement hunters out on day 1 that finish everything possible in a few months :D

Nevertheless good work and once I get these achievements I'm done with d3, onto HC only PoE.
Haha, thanks everyone. Would have been done earlier.. if Blizzard had fixed things. (Technically, they still haven't fixed everything.)

As for quitting, probably playing a whole lot less. Just recently cashed out my paragon 100 DH. :D

I realize that there are others who were stuck way back when, but I'm still taking this as "sticking it out and getting 100% completion", heh.
Im 98% myself. Only a few to go.
Nice life bro!

do you play from day 1? if not then it doesnt count :)
there are still broken achievements from that unstable server time, like bloodstained letter or last of the horadrim, at least for me :(
93% here, excluding achievements that are still left unchecked for more than half a year even after completing their requirements. D:
I'm at 99% myself, but I'm sure lots were "completed" up to what could be done long before today.

Grats though, hope to be joining you soon.
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