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Ding Dong Monks!

Like most everyone, I'm loving the new WoL changes. Spam bells left an right. Nothing like blowing up pack after pack. I run with almost 21 spirit regen/sec making empowered my rune of choice for max coverage! Anyone got a good build/reason to go with any other rune?

I like explosive for medium rooms but found it had some gaps in coverage that left some mobs untouched like the big keeps 2 areas, so found empowered with the 2ndary hit spam helped a bit more.
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I use explosive rune. The long range explosion will kill everything so that you don't need to move too much.
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Cyclone strike all the way. Wave of Light just annoys me with the knockback.
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Davlok, you might be interested in buying my monk's Stone of Jordan. Take a look and add me in-game if you are. It has 7% WoL crit chance, 2.0 spirit per second 27% elite damage and 6% arcane damage
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So if WoL only uses the MH damage for calculations, does that mean its really DING dong? Heh

If cyclone strike scales with pickup radius I would use it 100%, but serenity + 4 bells = splat!
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try this:)

use like this;
Cyclone strike mobs in
Hit 2-3 times with quickening to gain spirit (and this gains a lot with so many close targets)
Drop bells which knocks them out again
Pull back in with Cyclone strike
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02/13/2013 09:04 AMPosted by Sengerene
Cyclone strike all the way. Wave of Light just annoys me with the knockback.

you can always use the rune blinding light and stun them
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So I tried to see how much more effective a high avg dmg mainhand + stat stick offhand was (Disclaimer: I'm a budget monk who sells anything of value whenever found/flipped, so limit my character to mediocre gear & gems sufficient for MP0 on the grind to 100.)

I pretty much use a spirit regen rolled Shenlong's Fists with my TR + WoL farming build - letting me bell spam quite a lot with 20.77 spirit regen/sec - albeit at low dps (see profile). I can one shot packs with FitL active - 2-3 otherwise or for extra health.

So my goal was to find a high dps 1.2 speed weapon with dex w/ crit or socket, and a cheap stat-stick offhand (Dex, socket, life steal, spirit regen, crit damage, etc.)

Ended up with these two: http://i.imgur.com/hQmjJf4.png

Mace was 900k, Fist was 100k.

And the results were good. The lack of life steal on my shenlongs due to picking spirit regen random meant that I was missing out on the massive sustain bell dropping with Lifesteal is. That plus the increased bell drops makes FitL a bit of overkill for packs. I didn't like the reduced attack speed and lack of shooting fireballs, so will probably stay as a Shenlongdonger. ^_^

But for other budget monks, doing the spear/mace/axe + spirit regen offhand is pretty viable and cheap.

So overall pretty happy with the results.
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Been trying out some cyclone + bell on low MP and don't really see the point. Is it mostly used for higher MP/groups I take it?
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I didn't like the reduced attack speed and lack of shooting fireballs, so will probably stay as a Shenlongdonger. ^_^.

I lied, I won another random mace on bid (the spear above flipped) for 20m o_O and the setup actually works a bit better than my Shenlongs for MP1 Vota farming.

New budget Mace (500k): http://i.imgur.com/3qEdIEK.png
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