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Questions about the new plans

I'm trying to get plans and keys in same run. (one shot two kills :D)
So all runs in speed order:

Act2: Q - "Black Soulstone - Soul Chamber"
wp: "BCM" - fast NVs
wp: "PttO" - remaining NVs and Keywarden
wp: "AoZK" - ZK

Act3: Q - "The Breached Keep - Kill Ghom"
wp: "Stonefort" - > "Skycrown Battlements" - way faster NVs than "Keep Depths" imo
wp: "Stonefort" - Keywarden
wp: "TKDL3" - Ghom

Act1: Q - "Trailing the Coven"
wp: "TFW" - fast NVs
wp: "FoM" - remaining NVs and Keywarden
wp: "WCC" - > "Coverns of Araneae" > "Chamber of Queen Araneae" > Queen Araneae

Every run (MP10) i'm doing with Barbarian (best for killing 2-3 Elite Packs at once) and it takes roughly 15min in total. Not to mention the good DEs drop rate :D
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Just buy the plans, they are cheap, and will get cheaper every day since people are all farming them. Better use of time is back to farming elite packs for essences.
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I have found great success (as of today) doing to different routes.

I used to just do act 3 over and over again.... but the lag in the first parts was getting BAD

So I tagged along with a friends group running VotA (Vault of the Assassin.) and they had it down to a science. So I have been doing that A LOT today.

Also, I have started taking advantage of the NV stacks persisting through acts... So I will take the last quest to kill Azmodan... get my 5 stacks... kill Azzy, anf then go straight to act 4 to kill Rakanoth. (who before you couldnt GET 5 stacks to kill)

I have bagged close to ten legendaries today, and a lot of gold and about 3 paragon levels...
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I made 5 runs on Maghda yesterday with 5 stacks of NV,and MP 3.
Received a book and Demonic essence each time,
3 new Archon crafting books and 2 older books.
Also tons of Rares and 4 Legendaries though out the day.
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Ehh.. I bought the plans off of the Auction House, since they have been dirt cheap since the day after the patch. Back to my usual Act 3 farming route for essences.
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this is what i was doing. Keywardens have been dropping some really good stuff for me. 2 marquise designs and that was on mp2
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I myself us a longer route, because I am wanting to still get my paragon levels up. So here is what I do. I pick the second heart quest. Then I do the followng

Arreat Crater 2
Keep Depths 2
Rakkis Crossing (These three are the Rhao run)

Then I hit both towers, which you have to do in order to get to Cydea. But doing so I get enough paragon experience and I still get legendaries and sets dropping. I got that set ring on the wizard from Cydea recently on that run.
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from 1.07 patch notes:

Crafting Plans and Jeweler Designs have been added for all of the new Rare recipes listed above
These plans (excluding the chest piece) will drop randomly in the world and have a chance to drop off the following bosses when you have 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor:
Skeleton King
Spider Queen
Zoltun Kulle

so do ur usual farming route but keep in mind the mini-boss present in that act.

As a further point of clarification: while those 8 sub-bosses have an increased chance to drop crafting plans when you have 5 stacks of Nephlem Valor, they do not have an increased chance to drop gem designs.

For clarification, the Amulets of Strength/Dex/Vit/Int are all considered "designs". So do they fall under the "gem designs" or "plans"? i.e. Do Amulets have an increased chance of dropping from the sub bosses and main bosses?
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