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Gaming Keyboard/Mouse Recommendations

I use a Logitech G9X for my mouse, Logitech G110 Keyboard, and G930 Headset. I actually bought 2 of the mice because I have a laptop I use for gaming as well as a desktop and travel frequently, I like to have the same feeling using the laptop.

The Logitech Software is cool as you can manage all of your components from the same program.
And since I main a CM Wiz I get to take a break from key smashing with the Keymapping Ability that the gaming software uses.

Never used Razor equipment, but i've also never had a problem with my Logitech Equipment.
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Keyboard: Ducky Shine 2 - best gaming keyboard there is. GL finding one though
Mouse: Razer Black Mamba - only buy mice from Razer NOTHING ELSE.
Headset: Logitech G930 - wireless and still sounds awesome. Very comfortable.
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I've got the RAT7, and I'm not sure I'd recommend it. It's held out to be highly customizable, but I didn't find that to really be the case. For one thing, the pinky rest piece, which was the main draw for me, is horrendously uncomfortable. It appears like it's designed for a very flat "palm" grip, as it mashes my "claw" grip fourth and pinky finger together. I tried and tried to get used to it, because I love the thought of not dragging my pinky all the time, but I never could and had to switch to one of the more traditional pieces. I've also never been able to get the palm rest in a super comfortable position.

Finally, the laser on it is extremely finicky. I had to buy a new mouse pad because the Rat wouldn't track on my old one (which I'd used for several other mouses), and it frequently loses its tracking if there's any sort of dust or dirt on the pad.

I don't mean to say the mouse is terrible. I still use it and it's adequate. But I think it will only really appeal to a range of hand sizes/grips which is much narrower than you'd expect given all the options it appears to have.
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So to program the mouse or keyboard keys, do you hit record, then do the actions with mouse pointer and keyboard clicks and it will duplicate it when you press that specific macro button? Can they do mouse movements or just keyboard keys?
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So can you just do various key clicks? Can't you say open inventory and swap out gear with 1 key? Can it capture the mouse movements also?
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Standard Genius keyboard and mouse, these thing are though
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keyboard: ducky shine 2, no macro's, just pure nkro mechanical keyboard
mouse: razer orochi, I have small hands. (the usual mouse with high palm rests are painful to use over long periods of time)
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I use an alienware tact x mouse and keyboard
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I use the Razer Lycosa Keyboard, since it has great back-lighting! For my mouse, the Razer Mamba (Wireless).. A great combo with nice blue hues....

Have had them both for about 2 years and they look and behave just as well as when they came out of the box.. I also use the Razer eXactMat for my mouse pad.. It is dual side and made of aluminum, very nice indeed!

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I use a Razer Naga Molten mouse and Razer Anansi keyboard, and absolutely love both.

The mouse is literally invaluable to my gaming experience. It has 12 buttons, which is important for MMO's like Guild Wars 2 and such. Even though I only use 4 of the side buttons for Diablo 3, I still couldn't see myself using another mouse. The spacing on the buttons feels perfect, and I would not be able to play my CM/WW Wiz without it.
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I use the Steath keyboard as well, and really like it for D3.
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Steel series Sensei mouse. Best I have ever used... I switch keyboards between a Logitech g110 and a Razer Anansi. Depends on my build...
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I would avoid the Logitech "gaming" keyboards if you are still looking. They "enhance" the simultaneous number of keypresses on the WASD side of the keyboard while cutting off the same on the other side of the keyboard. It's the reason I retain my G11 (which doesn't have that problem) and returned the G510, the G11's current "true" successor.

If you primarily play Diablo and/or World of Warcraft, you may like using one of the "keypad" peripherals such as the Belkin Nostromo or Logitech G13 gaming keypad peripherals. They offer a fair bit of flexibiility while leaving your regular keyboard untouched. Caveat: On OS X such peripherals are considered "keyboards" and adhere to simultaneous keypress limitations.

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02/13/2013 10:54 AMPosted by Dikembe
Logitech G700 for mouse. I prefer more buttons on top rather than on the side like Razer. Very nice if you like to drink while you game.

You sir, just changed my D3 experience forever. :)
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using Madcatz cyborg RAT 7 mouse with roccat alumic mousepad, logitech g13 gaming keypad and max keyboard nighthawk x7

Going to try the new razer orbweaver once its available since its using the cherry mx blue.
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