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I have recently started playing alot more. Been doing exp runs mainly. Just wondering whats the highest MP that I could do and what should be my next upgrade?
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I don't play hota rend, but from my undertanding, your survivability goes up A LOT compared to other barb builds even with sub par EHP stats.

If you were rolling a ww barb, I would say you could mp4/5 five no issue. Although I think your vitality is a bit on the low side. (Should aim for 50K/5000Armor at a min imo)

Since hota/rend survivability is much higher I would think maybe 7/8 if you can manage permawrath. Something tells me if you lose wrath you would be an heap of trouble.
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I think the real answer to what mp lvl to do, since we know nothing about your play style, is that if all you care about is leveling, just go for whatever mp lvl you can maintain the highest xp/hr at.

Prisus is definitely right about the survivability of HotA/Rend. I'm relatively poorly geared, so that's what i've been using at higher mp lvls, but for xp runs, i've been dropping rend for sprint - marathon, and bash for frenzy with whichever rune gives you 15% faster run when frenzied. I also use the rune on HotA that stuns nearby monsters on kill.

The build is much less punchier than bash/rend/hota, but the tradeoff in movement speed lets you really cruise through runs at mp0 and mp1. This will change with 1.07's boosts to xp bonuses at each mp lvl. Do some runs at different levels, see which gets you the highest xp/hr
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