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Hey everybody, my name is Unseen. I stream Diablo 3 content on a daily basis, and run the official D3 fansite D3Sanc.com. You can find the fansite and stream both listed under the "Fansites & Other Resources" thread created by Lylirra:


// ---------- STREAM LINKS



I primarily play a WW Barb (P100, about 230k unbuffed), but spend a little bit of time on my TR Monk now that patch 1.0.7 is out. I spend most of my time farming for legendaries and Demonic Essence, currently trying to chase after one of those sexy new trifecta amulets.

Every Sunday I do something called "Uber Sunday", where I help viewers get themselves some Hellfire Rings. Ubers aren't exactly fun to me anymore, so I limit them to Sunday only. Bring your machine(s) and you might get to make an appearance on stream!

// ---------- MANAPOTS

We have a special currency that is used on the stream, ManaPots. You can use ManaPots to purchase various services, gamble in the chat against other viewers and contest entries. ManaPots are obtained through quite a few ways, but the easiest way is by just watching the stream! You earn 5 ManaPots every 15 minutes you watch the stream, totaling 20 per hour. You can also donate to the stream (via PayPal) or donate legendaries (ID'ed and Un-ID'ed, for "Golden Showers").

You can find more information on ManaPots by going to the following link:


// ---------- CONTESTS

Every week I give away a full set of gear, worth roughly 25-30m gold. This is primarily meant as a way to help out newer players, or to give somebody the ability to quickly gear up an alt they might not play very often. I'm also sponsored by SteelSeries, which means I give away some nice products at the end of each month!

You can get entered to win both of the contests by just watching the stream. Roughly once an hour I draw a certain amount of names from the viewer list. Each person's name I draw will earn a "ticket entry" into the contests. Alternatively, you can purchase contest entries with your ManaPots (100 each). This means that even if your name doesn't get drawn, you can still purchase 1 entry for every 5 hours you watch the stream.

At the end of each week, I will randomize all of that week's contest entries and choose a winner for the free set of gear. If you don't win the weekly giveaway, don't worry! Your entries will still be used for the contest at the end of the month, for a chance to win a SteelSeries headset, mouse or mousepad!

You can find full contest details by going to the following link:

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ist gut
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I personally watch this stream and find it very helpful as well as entertaining.
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have been watching this stream for a few months now. It is one of the best Barb streams currently on. If you have been looking for a good barb stream check this one out. Also plenty of giveaways and contests.
Doug (kb0sdq)
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Unseen Best streamzzz
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What an awesome entertaining stream!
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Posts: 5
watch ths stuff ... its good
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Where I spend most of my nights. Watching and grinding away. Thanks for the entertainment
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This guy is legit, watch him
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^_^ Was a good night, loving patch 1.0.7 so far!
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Going live!

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Ich schaue diesen stream sehr oft und kann ihn sehr empfehlen. Dieser Stream bietet einem Barb-Spieler sehr viel Unterhaltung sowie Tipps :)...FOLLOW guys! :)
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Unseen's a cool fella. The chat is full of good peeps, and the gimmicks he runs are kinda fun. You get what ya see, really, a bloke like the rest of us having a good time with D3.
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Awesome streamer with a cool reward system that includes giveaways and other cool stuff. Helps out with gear checks and its fun to watch.
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Best barb stream out there without a doubt! Informative, helpful and really friendly =)

Spend almost every night watching this stream, and there's always something fun going on.

And for all you girl gamers, he's really cute too ;)
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Unseen is awsome.....
He has Brought Fun to the Game of Diablo!!!!!!
His Viewers would agree that he has made Diablo a more enjoyable game for all that Watch or play.

Unseens mustache is Very sexy.

YOLO SWAG 360 No Scope Hipster
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great times lots of fun to be had in the stream and you can get what's called manapots to have him nipplerub on stream!!!!!!!
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Going live: http://www.twitch.tv/manapot/new
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Going live again! Will be doing a farming competition with some friends in a little bit. Watch me pwn their faces: http://www.twitch.tv/manapot/new
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Back to the grind. 330 new items crafted so far, only one good one (Amulet). How about you guys? http://www.twitch.tv/manapot/new
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