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BOA Crafts - How many rolls for your upgrade?

Thought I'd share my success with razorspikes and see how everyone else is doing with their rolls.

Fourth Roll was a huge DPS upgrade but lost vit and all res, wearing them now.

249 intel, 65 strength, 33 Arcane Res, 159 armor, 17% MF, 5.5% crit chance

So total rolls is now 6 (3x act 3 clears for 6 essence) and an extra 4.5k DPS over Strongarm Bracers.
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Crafted 6 dex and all were junk. Not even close to being an upgrade. Will be interested to see how many it will take to get a good one.
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I feel these have the largest chance of success over any of the others that have so many "must have" stats. I'd say the same about the shoulders but it is really easy and relatively cheap to get a nice pair on AH since Vile Ward is such a common drop and a well designed legendary unlike so many others.
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My first amulet had the following:
205 dex
24 FR
395 Armor
96% crit dmg
6% crit
Reduce Impairing effects by 14%

Was about a 14K dps upgrade from the 105 Dex 10% crit amulet I had

First gloves had the following:
48 str
295 dex
83 int
52 AR
15% MF
9% crit

About a 4k dp bump over 109 Dex, 7% AS, 9 % cc 21% crit dmg

I think thats pretty lucky so far, though both the patterns my buddy gave me and I'm 0/11 on finding plans from Ghom on MP1. I thought the drop rate for plans was supposed to be 50%?
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No idea, I found my plans on the first elite mob I encountered. Awesome luck there!
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I have the STR plan for bracers and ammy.
Granted, my gear is decent - I can solo farm mp10 ubers.. but still...
I hardly have the best game out there. In fact, a lot of my gear is relatively cheap.
I wear a 12m ammy, and my bracers cost 40m.
The gear you see on my profile is the gear I wear all of the time.

I don't think I will be getting any upgrades from crafting, and if I can somehow get an upgrade, I think I could have just spent 100m on a new piece of gear instead.
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Crafting isn't for everyone... if you don't feel that you have any reason to craft then I'm not real sure why you're bothering with the crafting forum to begin with.
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Equipped ammy was the first craft while the bracers were a 4th craft. Good things can happen.
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Could only craft Chest of intelligence so far. One roll before my first upgrade. I really needed a chest with a socket and a good unusual roll like life on globes (I *love* life on globes) And lucky me, a good upgrade. Raised my dps by 5k. Although I'll admit my previous chest was not great.
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Got some good Bracers which were a good upgrade for me. Lost my 70+ AR, but the increase in DPS was definitely worth it.

305 Dex
76 Vit
6.0 Crit Chance

Wearing it now.
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wearing mine bracers 5th roll
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Took me 13 rolls to get my ammy. Doubt I'll ever find an upgrade,

230 int
9% attack speed
53% crit damage
10% crit

Was a 30k dps increase
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I gues mine is even better:


And I sold my old amulet right before the patch release :)
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Time for me to start rolling amulets! Damn guys, congrats and keep 'em coming. Don't forget to post how many rolls before you got yours.
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I crafted over 100 dex amulets already and still no upgrade for my demon hunter. RNG for ya I guess.
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you should def try it. i crafted 12 pairs of gloves and got 2 upgrades. the pair on my toon gave me 8k more dps
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Crafted 10 ammy's, my best:

121 STR
304 INT
117 VIT
44 AR
543 LOH
9% CC

Not bad, it was an upgrade.
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Got some nice shoulders.

229 Dex
151 Vit
80 AR
+7 Pickup Range
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fisrt craft on shoulders got my currently equiped ones...

3k dps and 1.1k life upgrade... from previous 110m vile wards :|
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Got a 290 Str, 70 vit, 6% cc bracers in less than 10 crafts. 8K dps over my strongarm, but lost 3k health. I still use it. Been working towards an amulet, haven't had any luck with my 23 crafts, I plan to do it till I get a trifecta, so I'm basically saying goodbye to all my gold haha.
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