Diablo® III

PvP Experts Challenge {CLOSED}


I am selling a pvp serpent which is possibly an upgrade for you

Are you interested?
c/o is 160m (bidding end after 1 day)
Gonna set bin as 250m
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257 - 2

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gg viri ! Good example of how the right gear and build, combined with good strat and excellent micro can over come any perceived class imbalance. Although as you saw at the end If I force you into my strat it shifts heavy in my favor. But I will buy a skorn so I dont have to rely on that cheese lol.

301 - 3

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344 - 3

no losses but had a very close game against the worlds top proctor. and they were using two items that I rememebr trying to bid on lol. both were the, once every 3 month in the ah kind. Nice to see a wd using a new strat

Oh and im gonna be starting the wall of lolz screenshot collection for all those that kick me from a ffa.

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Whats your opinion of the state of WD in PvP? Not saying your unskilled or ungeared but I do believe WD is pretty strong atm.
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02/21/2013 11:57 PMPosted by okComputer
Whats your opinion of the state of WD in PvP? Not saying your unskilled or ungeared but I do believe WD is pretty strong atm.

wd has the greatest variety of usable skills and gearing making it the "easy to play hard to master" class. weakness in the opponents gear, skill or build can be more readily taken advantage of by a knowledgeable wd.

at the top tier pvp against skilled, geared and knowledge opponents wd is on par with monks, barbs, dh and other wds but has a distinct advantage against wiz (still waiting for a proper tank wiz before I am certain of this)

Because of the variety of skills/builds wd can throw out it is the class with the highest knowledge requirement to play against, something that can only be gained through practice, which at this point most players are still lacking especially in the mid tier. any one with a one size fits all approach to pvp will have an especially hard time against wd.
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402 - 3
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456 - 3

got some crazy new builds goin lol since making a full glass cannon set.
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502 - 3 had some more losses vs viri and some wins
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you can add me in game
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Hi ChuckNorris, I Would like to try PVP with you =)
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Im gonno close this thread. please refer to this one.
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