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After roughly 9 months, I finally killed Inferno Diablo

02/13/2013 02:20 PMPosted by Vaeflare
Congratulations on killing the Lord of Terror on Inferno difficulty! You no-doubt faced a lot of trials and challenges on your journey, and I think you should be proud of your accomplishment. :)

I knew Blizzard was a nice company in the long run. The whiners keep whining, but I realize how hard it is to perform your jobs diligently. Seriously, Rob Pardo taunted the whiners and tanked for Jay Wilson, I'd quiver in fear regarding the circumstances if I were in their boots, and the WoW character I posted with on this thread is a tank. Keep doing what you do best, ignore the whiners and haters, and I look forward to more epic journeys in your games. Now then, to finally go to the Demon Hunter forums and ask for help with gearing, like that Korean warrior story in WoW.
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Congrats, I killed Diablo on Inferno, using a Wizard, solo after dying three times. You just have to take your time, make sure you have at least one health pot, well, etc. available, and just watch out for those bone cages. Once you figure out his attack pattern, you will be able to avoid most of them.
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9 months to kill diablo on mp0, well I don't know if it's true or this guy just trolled all of us, my mind just can't comprehend this
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OP terrible gear you have!!! And sharpshooter really?
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- 208% crit dmg and almost no crit chance. And then night stalker.
- almost no all resist. (Hint: all resist does NOT show in "protection" when items are compared).
- there is a jeweler in the game who can join jewels. So you don't need to socket crappy flawless squares
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U guys realize he only killed 250 monsters a day, that is only 15min a day he played...

I would suggest you try Path Of Exile its fun if you like these kind of games and is free.
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Clearly he didn't use the AH for even one piece of gear. That's fine. However, what isn't fine, is the fact that he supposedly hasn't found any better gear than what he's wearing? Impossible.
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MP10 is not where you want to be. Even with the new exp changes, you will STILL be better off at MP0 until you can reach 150k+ dps.

MP1 - 130k+
MP2 - 180k+
MP3 - 250k+

Those are about the values you will need to make farming those MP levels more efficient than farming on MP0.


I hope thats not true. I'm not even close to those values and also, just like the OP, beat inferno today for the first time.

I'm going to try MP 1 act 1 tonight anyway. Guess I'll find out.

Its not true. I can do MP6 just fine with 167K DPS and MP10 slowly. An MP6 run takes about twice as long as an MP1 run.
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