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Mirror image needs to be fixed

I don't know about you guys but I've been using mirror image a lot and I feel like it needs serious buff.

First off, it is not very responsive when I try to cast it after being frozen or jailed. Half of the times I cannot seem to use it immediately after being trapped. Sometimes it won't activate until I've been frozen or jailed for a few seconds. Other times, it would take 3 or 4 button presses to cast it.

Second, players should have more control over it. For example, I shouldn't move in random direction when I cast it, but move in the direction of my cursor. It is pretty bad when you try to use it to break out of frozen and it ended up moving you into a molten pool or a monster pack.

Fourth, many of its runes are useless and the images are problematic. For example, Extension of Will is completely pointless. What am I going to do with that extra 4% of health and 3 seconds when they already die in 1-3 hits? Moreover, mirror mimics won't use most of our spells except for the selected few, and 10% damage is really lackluster. Heck, most of the times, the images won't even attack but to run around in circle. I mean, when I use mirror mimics I want them to do their full10% DPS share in that 7 seconds, not to do a marathon around me for like 5 seconds. And what am I going to do with mocking demise when the images run away from monster (why not make them kamikaze into monsters for example)? I feel like many of the runes can be combined or remade. For example, making the default mirror images do 10% of our spells will make it much better, after all it is a "mastery" wizard skill. Not to mention the hp of the images are a giveaway in pvp and many of the players spells don't even auto target the images.

These are just from the top of my heads, I am sure you guys have more. It is a really limited spell as of now, and I feel it really needs a fix.
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Dont worry, ive noticed the same issue. Although my instance was just goofing around in pvp. Sad to say its not even that good in a pvp situation :( since its very obvious which one you are.
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Wd has super tanks with ~100% uptime and they dmg as well. Tho MI is another skill and shouldnt be exactly alike.

Rather than raise uptime it should become more powerfull when up, like a real mastery skill - for a short period something really cool happens. A mirror immage itself shouldnt do dmg imo nor be super tanks, they should simply be what they are - images.

The compensation for that they are so weak should imo be that more images are added, 15 or 25 with the dupes rune or maybe more. This way they make up for being weak and with more images they wont have to be as authentic cause more of them means more work to find the real one. More spells would be appreciated tho cause od the nice look. Maybe it could be nice if the all was steered - when character walk images walk too in randoom direction, and when player casts/channel spell the image cast/channel the sam spell at targeted location.
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fantasic post, i totally couldn't agree more, i like mirror image, but it jsut executes poorly. little changes as have been mentioned would actualy make it attractive to use. They definatelly need to come with a standard of 100%hp bonus because they jsut die waaaay to fast, teh only reason i survive is because i know when to use defensive spells and i have mitigation that the images don't. if they could jsut stay around with us as well, no seconds timer, jsut spawn them and then when they die they die not jsut dissapear at time up
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