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back from taking a break, need help

just started playing again, and could use some help. I'm farming reg inferno with ease trying to level up, but once i start getting into MP i start getting crushed. any advice?
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You have only the one item with all resisit on it, might be a contributing factor...
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so i should start stacking resists?
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I think setting a goal of around 450 - 500 AR as the lowest single resist is a good place to be. With that number you are safe to play well up to mp8 and mp9,10 with same good play skills.

A two piece IK set bonus is nice for the extra 60AR.

Also your CC is very low as is your life steal. A IK belt with 2.9 LS and running Bloodthirst passive will get you very far.

For CC its rings and ammy for you. When looking for rings and ammy try to get a min of 45 ave damage on as well as the standard CC AIS STR etc. for the pure DPS. I don't like to stack vite on rings and ammy's but % life is real nice bonus if you can get it. It will be very hard to get % life on anything once PVP gets popular.

Good luck!
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What Othar said.

What jumped at me was lack of LS and resists, coupled with CC / CD.
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ok cool ill work on the build. my LS is !@#$ so ill start building that up, but cc and cd should be fine. i run about 37% cc and about 360%cd self buffed. not sure why it doesnt show in my build. thanks for all the advice =)
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also,how much LS is a good base to shoot for?
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Remember, just because its a legendary doesnt mean its better.

Stats to live by:
All Resist 400-500
Crit hit Chance - 40-50% with or without passives
Crit hit damage 300-500%
Attack Speed (not sure what IAS skorn users want, so sorry!)
Strength as much as you can get
Vitality as much as you can get
Life Steal minimum of 5.8%(2.8% from IK belt minimum and 3% from bloodthirst passive)
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awesome! thanks carried! now for the game to get back up so i can try to stop sucking.
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